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Dexter's Beat Laboratory Vol. 90

Dexter’s Beat Laboratory is a weekly collection of songs from DA managing editor Robyn Dexter. With a taste that can only be described as eclectic — to say nothing of a name that lends itself to punnery — DA is happy to present a selection of tracks personally curated by Dexter for your listening pleasure.

Listen in playlist format here.

After releasing his blue! EP the label earlier this year, Brock Wilson returns to Mad Zoo to reveal a new single: “Moment of Clarity.” This track shows the full breadth of Wilson’s skill set, as he moves fluidly between smooth, ambient sections and choppier segments. The middle passage of “Moment of Clarity” features the artist’s own vocals over a bed of minimalist percussion, ebbing and flowing until it returns to a calming outro.

Earlier this week, the music world was blessed with a slew of remixes of Seven Lions, Wooli and Trivecta‘s “Island,” featuring takes from Sullivan King, TYNAN, and many more. Among these is a celestial reinvention from Au5. He’s created a meticulously pieced together version of the song, adding his signature melodic dubstep elements and a heavy helping of bass to craft an adaptation that’s all his own.

Over the years, Canadian duo Eminence have tried their hand at a number of genres, garnering fans worldwide through EPs and singles on Monstercat. In their latest effort, they’ve taken on Vicetone‘s February track “Home,” a slightly wistful piece that still maintained an upbeat atmosphere. Eminence, however, lean into the melancholic elements of Vicetone’s original to create a house remix that’s more understated and alluring.

In his latest tune, Anakim has opted to remix LUNR’s “Shadows.” The LA-based artist has constructed an even darker take on LUNR’s original, tapping into the shadowy elements of Max Comeau’s vocals and sprinkling in ominous synth undertones. At seven minutes long, Anakim’s rendition is a truly eerie but satisfying sonic journey. “I don’t do remixes often, but this one I just couldn’t say no to,” the artist told Groove Cartel.

Just days after announcing a nine-stop US tour, Hannah Wants has unveiled a new single on her Etiquette label, “Love Somebody.” The tech house tune, released in original mix and extended mix formats, consists of retro vocals over an irresistibly infectious beat. This one’s primed for a dance floor and practically begs listeners to keep their feet moving into the wee hours of the morning.

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