Diplo & Sonny Fodera – Turn Back Time

Diplo & Sonny Fodera – Turn Back Time

• Leading vocal performance • UK Deep House arrangements • Released on Diplo’s House imprint, Higher Ground It is rare …

• Leading vocal performance
• UK Deep House arrangements
• Released on Diplo’s House imprint, Higher Ground

It is rare to see a leading industry act to delve in relatively underground genres and come up with hits, not only once or twice but on multiple occasions. I may not be the most devoted fan of Diplo’s commercial facet, but his specialty in House genre has completely drawn my admiration. Working along with the esteemed Sonny Fodera, the American heavyweight just might have released another belter ready for making rounds at playlists and radio.

I am not entirely surprised with the release of “Turn Back Time” and the success it has gathered within a week or so. Previous year (and this) witnessed the major ongoing support for “On My Mind”, which coincidentally turns a year old within a few days time. The production also featured the up and coming duo SIDEPIECE, as it blew up across multiple streaming platforms. Combining a gritty and boiler-room Tech House aesthetics with a grabby vocal topline, the instrumental goes to show Diplo’s adeptness in providing variety. And who can forget his most recent work-together “Looking For Me” with Paul Woolford and singer Kareen Lomax? Together with the British House veteran (whose exceptional skill at constructing charming piano riffs is to be well applauded), the song has been another smasher for the Higher Ground label.

In all honesty, I didn’t knew much about Sonny Fodera until February of this year. Selected. happened to generously conduct a memorable and splendid B2B between the iconic Detroit personage MK and the Australian solo in a metro transit car traversing Berlin’s underground. Their collaboration “One Night” made me observe Fodera’s competent approach in crafting House music. Since then, he has signed with Parlophone Records (under Universal Music) for an upbeat and summery record titled “Wired” along with BRIT award winning songstress, Ella Eyre.

Introductions apart, today’s focus begins with a bold pianoforte accompanying a hooking vocal from an anonymous performer, although pitched some semitones down. This is a common characteristic in many UK House songs, as it adds just the “Deep” flavour to the tonality. Without keeping await, a rhythmic low-end enters playfully supporting the alluring voice from the breakdown. Another thing to commend here is the chord progression, even if B-flat minor is somewhat a commonplace choice in the deeper realms of the genre, but if done correctly in a creative endeavour, can result in an attractive piece of work. Even if this single doesn’t venture far enough with experimentation, the minimal attire consisting of a warm and bouncing bassline and the well-done vocal efficiently deliver a satisfactory experience!

“Turn Back Time” in many ways, is a standard Deep House tune you could hear at many places, but the ear-candy and the polished attributes of this song makes it greatly arresting and may urge you to repeat many a times if necessary. The creators involved know how to exploit the fine components of this style, and rightfully did so with this release!

You can listen to “Turn Back Time” here: