DJ Mag Podcast 98: Silvie Loto

DJ Mag Podcast 98: Silvie Loto

Silvie Loto has been very busy. Having spent most of last winter in the studio, she spent the first half …

Silvie Loto has been very busy. Having spent most of last winter in the studio, she spent the first half of 2018 DJing extensively, both at home in Italy and much, much further afield.

From a longstanding residency at Florence club Tenax’s “Nobody’s Perfect” party to frequent appearances at venues like Rome’s Goa Club and Ibiza’s Amnesia and DC10, Loto has become a widely sought after DJ on the global circuit thanks to her keen knowledge of inner-workings of the dancefloor and how to make it move.

The end of June marked the release of the BPitch control affiliate and Ibiza regular’s new ‘Killing Time’ EP on Rhythm Cult. The three-track EP is a selection of deep, rolling techno tailor made for those hypnotic club floor moments when the lights are low and the music is encompassing. We were lucky enough to premiere one of the EP’s highlights, ‘Visual’ ahead of release. Her first release in quite some time, she cites a degree of perfectionism and personal attachment to her work as the reason for the wait.

“I’m very perfectionist when it is about music and if I’m not 100% happy with the results, or if I’m not sure it is not the right representation of my sound, I prefer not to show my music around,” she says. “Making music is something very deep and emotional for me.”

“This EP took a lot of time in the studio,” she adds. “All of the three tracks are made paying a lot of attention to the sound, especially ‘Visual’, a track I made with almost all analog gear. The main synth is one of my favourite in the world. The sound is so raw and dirty; it really represents a lot of me. ‘Cosmic Drums’ is a 909 drums mix, recorded almost entirely as a live session. ‘Shét’ represent more my dub and groovy side.”

As for the rest of the year, Loto has a lot going on with sets coming up at Exit Festival, Ibiza’s Paradise and Circoloco at DC10 and many more.

“I also have a remix coming out on Oblack label in August,” she says. “And I’m working on another one right now. I also have new music that I finished so I hope to have something out very soon. I would like to open my own label soon. It is something I want to do since many years, I hope to be able to work on it in the coming months.”

Before all that though, Loto has stepped up for our Fresh Kicks series with an hour of hypnotic, minimal techno and percussive heft testament to her style and impeccable taste. Check it out below along with a quick Q&A.

DJ Mag Podcast 98: Silvie Loto