Dubvision, Micar & JASH, Marmy – Melody

Dubvision, Micar & JASH, Marmy – Melody

• Fresh blend of Electro and House • Hypnotic breakdown segment • A re-release? Or a rework? Taking a hike …

• Fresh blend of Electro and House
• Hypnotic breakdown segment
• A re-release? Or a rework?

Taking a hike away from comfort zone and exploring a different path can be a challenge, more for artists when translated to creativity than anyone. Only a few diversify their sounds and still attach themselves to the roots; traversing between multiple styles without upsetting their audience. This has perhaps been best demonstrated by the Dutch veteran duo of DubVision. Another Friday unveiled “Melody” with new names Micar & Jash and Marmy, a song which I felt has the feelgood Electro arrangements with contemporary touch.

Having become a recognized face in the ever-expanding STMPD roster, the reputed brothers have gone far and beyond from their usual sound-set. While recently we shared our dislike for their side-project’s latest production, they have yet to disappoint when it comes to the solo compositions. Alternating towards a more House-friendly blueprint, their discography saw an expansion for the modern Bass/Electro sector, preference of the aforementioned label. Choosing a more quality over quantity principle, it is safe to say that the pair won’t be abandoning the experimentation and evolution of their trademark.

Since this is a team-up, I got curious on the other parties so involved. Micar & Jash are an electronic pair hailing from Germany, though an unheard name. Releasing summer-y Deep House singles, the upcoming alias has earned support from native icons such as Scooter and have a great influence in local scene. The other act Marmy has debuted in 2020, having unveiled over five other solitary efforts throughout, varying her offerings from Slap House to Future Bass. However, there is an interesting thing to be noted here, and I would have missed if I hadn’t done a deeper introspection. They seem to have done a synergy beforehand, but get this: with the same title and vocal. So, is this a solely a rework from DubVision, or were they approached for a studio joint-effort to revamp the instrumental and give it more exposure. This also explains why it perhaps is not published as usual on STMPD.

Technical complications and conundrums aside, this number does a significant charm on the listener. Starting with a robotic processed vocal, the drop quickly takes the reins and thrusts in, as the bassline made me reminisce “Rave Machine” from METAFO4R. It soon gets accompanied by a dancing riff of pluck lead synths, driven by the gritty low-end and an elevated groove. Then enters the limelight hoarding and the most alluring section: the breakdown. Displaying the festival/main-stage compatible mentality, a hypnotic sequence of melody grabbed all my attention successfully. This characteristic alone offers the composition entirely in replay and repeat-value, and is instantly admirable.

Despite I cannot pinpoint the contributions where the other individuals did in this musical alliance exclusive of Dubvision, “Melody” deserves a strong score. An unusual blend, the song finely shows its capability without hitting clichés, and hence absolutely deserves a mention for its energetic and aesthetic tonality!

You can listen to “Melody” here: