EDM All Day proudly presents the 2017 Label of the Year – EDM All Day

EDM All Day proudly presents the 2017 Label of the Year – EDM All Day

Runners-Up Foreign Family Collective by There is no doubt that Grammy-nominated duo claimed their status as some the more cutting-edge …


EDM All Day proudly presents the 2017 Label  the Year - EDM All Day

Foreign Family Collective


There is no doubt that Grammy-nominated duo claimed their status as some the more cutting-edge producers in the dance music realm over the years. Following the release their sophomore album, , the team launched their own musical outlet, in 2015 in an effort to showcase a myriad musicians and visual artists across a variety genres. By creating the label, the two producers aimed to curate a platform that “doesn’t adhere to any one genre or style but rather focuses on originality and genuine expression.” Most notably, a number the label’s output stood as the breakout releases for some today’s top electronic acts such as ’s “Aftergold,” ’s “,” and ’s sophomore album, Bloom.

With a full year new releases on the books, Foreign Family continues to ascend as one dance music’s leading innovatory labels in 2017. This year, the label procured a total six releases ranging from Big Wild’s debut Invincible EP in January to ’s recent single, “Snow in Gothenburg,” while introducing only one new artist to the label this year with ’s “.” Foreign Family also landed it’s first-ever curated stage at featuring , , Jai Wolf, Big Wild, Faker, , further reinforcing its tastemaker status within an established, avant-garde musical community.

Quality, not quantity, is Foreign Family’s principle virtue, giving every release the proper platform to resonate with the label’s core audience and grow holistically. And with every sonic output there lies a resonating reminder that the collective is not just curating a label but a community music lovers and artists alike, all while maintaining a seemingly personal, yet shared compassion for the intuitive and celestial sounds tomorrow.

EDM All Day proudly presents the 2017 Label  the Year - EDM All Day



-spearheaded label has been a force to be reckoned with in 2017. The Canadian label celebrated its 10th birthday in 2017, highlighting the milestone with a 33-track anniversary compilation in July that featured tracks by , , , and many more. Joel Zimmerman himself hosted a , with a stacked roster artist performances to commemorate the occasion.

One such artist was , who had another banner year with mau5trap. Her much-anticipated  album dropped August and was closely follows by  and even . The album’s four singles were released every Friday leading up to the album’s release date, drumming up continued excitement for the unique artist’s debut album, which peaked at number 16 on the US Billboard Dance/Electronic Albums chart on release.

Artists like , ATTLAS, and Feed Me wowed in 2017 with multiple releases, including successful EPs and singles. The label consistently cranked out a top-notch unique music over the course the year, gathering new fans and exciting old ones along the way.

They pooled many the year’s best songs into two We Are Friends compilations, which came out in March and early December. Other notable compilations included two more additions to the Foar Moar series and mau5trap X1’17 and X3’17.

With the momentum it’s built over the past 10 years, mau5trap shows no signs slowing down in the next 10.

EDM All Day proudly presents the 2017 Label  the Year - EDM All Day



Headed by maverick duo , has been one the standout labels 2017. This past year, the dynamic imprint has cultivated some the freshest new names in bass music like , , , Chuurch, , and . With an ever-expanding roster innovative artists, Deadbeats is making its presence felt.

In the past year, DeadBeats has etched out some serious real estate for themselves in the dance music landscape. With the success its first , which stretched from Miami to Calgary and featured the triumphant return DeadRocks in July, the Toronto-based label has greatly expanded its sphere influence. Couple that with the release the label’s two critically acclaimed compilation EPs and the launch the new Deadbeats Radio show on Sirius XM’s Electric Area, it’s easy to see why this collective from the Great White North are on an inexorable march forward.

2018 is shaping up to be yet another huge year for this budding brand. DeadRocks, the label’s biggest annual event will return to the Denver hills, expanding to two full nights madness from July 2-3. Zeds Dead are proven tastemakers in the world electronic music. Their spine-tingling performances have helped them garner a massive global following. However, creating a palpable culture and style is perhaps the most important aspect developing a label that can stand the test time. With the growth this groundbreaking label has seen in the nearly two years since its inception, Zeds Dead are on a continuous march to take their vision and style to the next level.

EDM All Day proudly presents the 2017 Label  the Year - EDM All Day



In 2017, London-based label has continued to produce and expound upon its unparalleled brand deep and tech-house. Starting f in 2005 as a mere sidecar to d’s trance-leaning parent label and one electronic music’s paragons success, , Anjunadeep has become an international staple in the lush, ethereal realms house and techno. The label’s ascent coincides with the US’s gradual embrace electronic music that is crafted for concentrated listening—migrating beyond its affinity for commercialized dance music.

American Anjunadeepian  seems to continuously elaborate on his indelible variety emotive, melodic deep-house, intermittently releasing tracks from his highly anticipated album set to be released in January, accompanied by a world tour.

The label also capitalized on an opportunity to showcase some its freshest faces, like UK duo , “The Light In You” artist, , and -discovered, , in the ninth installment its veteran-crafted annual compilation series. Fluida made their Anjunadeep debut this year with their blissfully ambient Branches EP, which enigmatically floats between electronica and deep-house elements. Additionally, rapidly emerging artist, Luttrell, who also graced the compilation with dream-state-inducing “Wake Me Up Tomorrow,” has scaffolded f his 2016 breakthrough on the label, pushing the envelope with his otherworldly techno tracks.

Moving forward, the label recently announced it will be hosting its own debut festival, Anjunadeep Open Air: London in August 2018, as well as hosting its own sea-faring, Anjunadeep Takeover during ! 10.0 featuring sets from Lane 8, , and more.

EDM All Day proudly presents the 2017 Label  the Year - EDM All Day

Winner – Monstercat


Breaking barriers and pushing the dance music envelope since its inception in 2011, Canadian independent label is EDM All Day’s Label the Year. For the past six years, Monstercat has paved the way for listeners to discover dozens new artists, garnering a massive following along the way. Led by a boundary-pushing team, 2017 proved to be the label’s best year yet. They brought on more than a dozen new artists, including , , , , , , , , , , , , and .

Monstercat started 2017 strong with the launch a massive anti-bullying campaign in accordance with the release Gareth Emery and ’s “Saving Light,” raising thousands dollars for an anti-bullying foundation called Ditch The Label.

February brought for ’s 2016 release, “,” which has garnered millions streams across platforms to date.

As festival season approached, the Monstercat team ramped up their efforts for shows at , , , , PAX East and .

In the midst festival season, Monstercat announced a partnership with that resulted in the label releasing an album for the video game. The featured songs from , , , , and more, and was released in accordance with the game’s two-year anniversary.

They capped f a successful summer by opening their headquarter doors in Vancouver for a Monstercat Compound event. The street party served as an opportunity for the label to recognize the community that has supported them over the years with free performances by , , Going Quantum and .

In November, the team continued their worldwide reach with multiple shows in China, including a residency at Asgard Nightclub in Beijing that featured performances by , , and .

As 2017 draws to a close, recognition for the label is coming in from all sides the music industry. SoundCloud recognized ‘s “” as their , and the track was also Monstercat’s most-streamed on Spotify, amassing more than 10 million streams on the platform. Two weeks ago, the label turned the power over to the fans and asked them to vote on . After a short voting period, listeners selected label OGs Pegboard Nerds’ track “” as their favorite release 2017.

As years go by and music trends shift faster than most can keep up with, the Canadian label proves time and time again that they have finger on the pulse the next best thing in electronic and dance music. By exposing their listeners to an unimaginable range music from some the industry’s most talented innovators, the Monstercat team has established themselves as fearless trailblazers in an unpredictable industry.

To celebrate their incredible year, Monstercat called on Dan Scarcelli, Head Programming for the label’s , to whip up this vicious mix packed with some their hottest releases to date. Appropriately, the mix serves as the 200th edition  our long-standing mix series.

WARNING: EDM All Day is not responsible for damage caused by spontaneous speaker combustion or reckless headbanging. Listen at your own risk.