Exploring Endemic III

Exploring Endemic III

Almost a year ago, I happened to talk about “Endemic 2”, a powerful trap compilation from Tribal Trap, and it …

Almost a year ago, I happened to talk about “Endemic 2”, a powerful trap compilation from Tribal Trap, and it is a pleasure to work on the third chapter today. I still listen to the top five artists of the preceding edition, and following many of them involved in the project.. so you can understand how influential assortment of those various productions was for me.

On this occasion, there are 28 songs and obviously I can’t mention them all. Therefore, I have chosen ten of my preferences (and not five).. And still it was a difficult choice to finalize. There is quality and innovation mostly from the names I knew (as I made an observation that many of the “newcomers” stuck to Trap’s boundaries), and a solid dose of exceptional vocalists. A very enjoyable compilation, overall, that explores all the various shapes of Trap and presents Tribal Trap in an excellent way to a possible new fan. This is going to be a long article, but it is noteworthy after all: get ready!

10. Lenny & MCTR – Mirage

Ethnic themed, with tribal drums at the centre of stage. In an almost minimal structure and the help of African samples, the duo created a slower and hulking, full of potent arrangement. It reminded of an elephant; but it becomes difficult to grasp at particular instances.

9. Calli Boom & LAUTRE – Immortal

Well-produced, but your “standard” Festival Trap song. I enjoyed the melodic pattern and the attention to technical aspects, especially in the calm breakdown that entails. However, the drop sounds somewhat forgettable, stuck in the realm of common Trap clichés. A high-quality work, nonetheless.

8. SWXIN – Saints

Unusual composition that caught me off-guard because of an elegant chorus and dominant attitude thanks to a brutal 808 bassline. The melody becomes dispersive, with sudden switches and interruptions… I always prefer artists who experiment, and SWXIN has demonstrated his potential. I hope to comprehend his signature fully in coming time, as this felt intricate.

7. Mutterage – No Mercy

Another eccentric tune that explores a peculiar atmosphere, with a repetitive hook that supports a constant flow of samples and variation. In a long run, I probably won’t press repeat on this one as much, as it felt aggressive but it is worth mentioning because of the particular schematics.

6. NOIXES & Michael Wavves – DIY

Even if utilizing the same lead in his drops for the umpteenth time, I still can’t have enough of Noixes. In this case, we have a splendid vocal presence from Michael Wavves, who takes the limelight here while the Venezuelan creator presented his expertise. It is hooky, classic NOIXES in terms of quality and sound, but I was hoping for more creative nuances: it can turn mundane if you already listen his music on a regular basis. A fine job, to say the least.

5. SVRRIC – Chasing Stars

Again, a baroque vocal performance that ensured a great time. SVRRIC created a sort of “childhoodaura, and then switched it with a flue-styled drop. I particularly appreciated that “carillon-esque” lead that builds up to the mentioned tonality, with almost small and unnoticeable developments. He could have dared to go the extra mile perhaps, but the structure is effective.

4. K4rl – Demons

Having a textbook characteristic (this type of lead is somewhat overused), but an insane melodic riff and a superlative approach on the vocal renders “Demons” a true gem for the ears. K4rl adapted to some expected elements in an unforgettable and spooky creation for the listeners.

3. Someone Else, Spectrums & Braveboy – Fresh Prince

This is certainly not the commonplace “Arabic” Trap song: a whole masterpiece that slowly elevates and create tension, thanks to another fantastic vocal delivery by Braveboy. Vicious and vivid, his voice gets suddenly taken over by a Moomba- then Hard-Trap, back to the usual sequence fluidly. This is a perfect example of innovation, as the artists have made me intrigued!

2. LBLVNC & BULWRD – Da Vinci

This supersedes all the mentioned here, and was present as my recent “Focus” about the Parisian talent. Safe to say, the follow-up is even classier and “magical” than “Ascension. I am totally hooked by the riff and the atmosphere so crafted in this “sacred” hymn of an instrumental. I have this one on repeat for days already.

1. THROVN, Moistrus & Benni Hunnit – Made To Win

Moistrus has like four releases in his discography, and I found all of them fascinating. His elegant style is simply alluring, and with the additional talent of THROVN (who already is in my top three since chapter 2), their fusion is a truly volatile banger, with a violin that sways around for the entire duration, encompassed by this rather combative vocal from Denny Hunit. This is art, a flawless idea which I truly love, and a bright future sure awaits this trio.