First Listen: LMBO – "STILL LOVE U"

First Listen: LMBO – "STILL LOVE U"

First Listen: LMBO – ‘STILL LOVE U’ by: Alexander Krinsky Apr 26, 2019 pinterest It’s rare to find synchronicity in …

First Listen: LMBO – ‘STILL LOVE U’

It’s rare to find synchronicity in life, and in most cases those moments are fleeting. However, LMBO‘s “STILL LOVE U” lives as one for over three minutes. The slow-burning soundscape starts distant and quietly; crackling resonance coupled with the words “Oh my God” spoken with disbelief evokes visions of eyes opening for the first time. Once awake the Michigan-born duo snaps their creation into full action.

“STILL LOVE U,” the first single off their forthcoming, debut EP serves as a vehicle through a unique soundscape. LMBO guides the listener navigating—picking up speed. Through this rapid acceleration, LMBO explores arpeggios, deep bass, polyrhythm percussion, and euphoric synths. They further demonstrate the control of their sound by smoothly drifting into a refrain that allows one to take in the beauty they’re able to demonstrate while maintaining the environment where that beauty flourishes and then again causing frisson, they take off.

“To us, ‘Still Love U’ serves as an introduction to the vibe of the EP—it blends together some of the most important melodies from the rest of the tracks,” the duo said in a press release.

This track serves as a prime example of musical understanding and technological experience coming together in a contemporary form. It holds a deep understanding of theory with an unhindered hand of energy that comes from an endless sea of possibility through the digital sphere of music creation. Synchronicity is truly rare but if their debut holds the momentum of this track… synchronicity it is.