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Five Loud Luxury cuts to throw on rotation ahead of the duo's performance at NYC's Marquee Nightclub

Loud Luxury clinched the attention of the musical mainstream with the release of their undeniable hit, “Body.” Armed with an animated lyrical hook and an equally vivacious beat well suited for open-air dancing, “Body” quickly became a sonic sensation. The single catapulted the Canadian duo, comprised of Andrew Fedyk and Joe Depace, into musical centrality. Loud Luxury has gotten mileage out of “Body”: the tune earned Fedyk and Depace the 2019 Juno Award for “Dance Recording of the Year” and attracted remixes from a number of adept electronic entities like Dzeko and Ørjan Nilsen.

“Body” and its widespread acclaim, however, is but one part of the ongoing sonic narrative of Loud Luxury. EDM All Day takes Loud Luxury listeners beyond “Body,” to highlight five inclusions of Loud Luxury’s catalog that are veritable playlist staples. Listeners can catch Loud Luxury live from NYC’s Marquee Nightclub on May 3.

Joji – “SLOW DANCING IN THE DARK (Loud Luxury Remix)”

Singer-songwriter Joji experimented with indie sound on his ruminative release, “SLOW DANCING IN THE DARK.” Whereas Joji’s original aches, Loud Luxury’s take on the tune dulls the emotional edge that Joji cuts. Loud Luxury equip “SLOW DANCING IN THE DARK” with a quicker pace and a build aided by trumpeting synths to re-imagine the production with a dance personality.

Loud Luxury & Marc Noir – “Maze”

“Body” wasn’t the beginning. Loud Luxury convened with Marc Noir for the 2014 single, “Maze.” One of the earliest releases of Loud Luxury’s career, “Maze” taps into the anthemic big room sound that best befits festival sets. The track’s use of momentous builds and drops yields an adrenaline spiking audibly intended to be played at the highest possible volume.

Loud Luxury“Fill Me In”

The lyrical narrative of “Fill Me In” tells the story of two smitten lovers who attempt to evade their parents’ notice when they sneak off to rendezvous. The lyrical content of the track effects a certain sense of speculative narrative drama that is complemented by the tune’s deep tone. The ponderous, cinematic nature of the song derives in part from the lyrics, and from the deep house leaning low-seated synths. Bold piano notes vary the tone.

Borgeous & Loud Luxury – “Going Under”

Loud Luxury worked alongside Borgeous to produce 2016’s “Going Under.” “Going Under” graced the track list of Borgeous’ album released the same year, 13. The buoyant track touts a tropical sound. The lightness of the tune’s tone contrasts with the song’s lyrical content, which traces the not so subtle demise of a relationship.

Charlie Puth ft Kehlani“Done For Me (Loud Luxury Remix)”

In 2018, Loud Luxury extended their effervescent sound to Charlie Puth‘s pop effort, “Done For Me.” Loud Luxury add bold piano chords in their version of Puth’s Kehlani feature, and speed things up just slightly to add a danceable quality to the rework not present in the original. The dark synths that characterize “Body” resurface in this revamp, and can be found at the remix’s drops.

Photo credit: Loud Luxury/Facebook

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