FKJ and Col3trane drop fresh dancehall collab 'Perfect Timing'

FKJ and Col3trane drop fresh dancehall collab 'Perfect Timing'

FKJ and Col3trane drop dancehall collaboration ‘Perfect Timing’ by: Alexander Krinsky Apr 16, 2019 pinterest French multi-instrumentalist and producer FKJ …

FKJ and Col3trane drop dancehall collaboration ‘Perfect Timing’

French multi-instrumentalist and producer FKJ shared his collaboration with LA-based R&B vocalist and producer Col3trane appropriately titled “Perfect Timing” in the midst of his almost completely sold out North American tour. The project was sparked and the groundwork was laid after the two artists met in a studio in London after a year of trying this past October.

“It feels right getting to know each other rather than trying to make magic happen in such a small time,” FKJ shared in a press release, “At the end of our session, Col3 took some of my beats home with him. The next week ‘Perfecting Timing’ was one of the demos he sent back to me and my personal favorite.” FKJ continued, “I already had a melody in my head for it but what he came up with outdid what I had originally imaged… I haven’t produced for many voices yet, but I quickly realized that this is something that I love to do.”

“Perfect Timing” is a well-spaced and fluid dancehall beat that eloquently displays both artists’ unique abilities. Col3trane’s smooth vocals come in throughout the track with finesse, landing at all the right moments. The 19-year-old found his sound in FKJ’s work and leads it through a sonic dance. FKJ displays not only his ability to explore new ground with dancehall and working with vocals in his production, but also throws down an astounding, resonating, and above all, raw saxophone solo.

FKJ’s ability to create music live with seamless concentration and originality has caused a rapid rise in recognition since his debut. His “Live at La Fée Electricité, Paris” and more recently “FKJ live @ Salar de Uyuni for Cercle” videos shed perfect light on his ability to create soundscapes that are deeply human and completely out of this world while remaining perfectly in the moment.

FKJ’s North American tour has sold out shows in Los Angeles, Chicago, Seattle, Vancouver, Austin, Denver, Atlanta, two in New York and more. Col3trane recently announced that his upcoming EP Heroine will be released this spring.

Photo credit: Jack McKain