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Flume posts from his nine year old Reddit account thanking fans

Explore hidden gems from Flume on his old account

Future bass pioneer and industry giant Flume‘s return had the whole music scene gripping its seat after an enduring silence. Coming back full force with new content including two documentaries and a 17-track mixtape accompanied with a vividly lustrous visualizer, Flume destroyed all expectations in a masterful maneuver of experimental craftsmanship that he has displayed over and over.

On March 25, a couple days after releasing his already well-received mixtape Hi This is Flume, Flume posted —with what appears to be his old account— a shout-out thanking listeners in the Flume subreddit.

Hi This Is Flume (4 real tho) from r/Flume

Although the account seems relatively inactive, Flume left a chuckle-worthy reply to one of the comments on the post.

Flume posts from his nine year old  account thanking fans

His user handle u/humblebuzz contain posts that date back as early as nine years ago on March 2010. The profile documents his early journey into producing, from linking his MySpace page to making music under earlier moniker HEDS, and eventually What So Not and Flume. Under humblebuzz, Flume shared a plethora of content including advice to aspiring artists, music he bumped, and his own career progress — this moombahton track under What So Not, getting signed to his current label Future Classic, and even his 2016 Companion EP artwork. Needless to say, he’s shown a lot of love in the past decade and the electronic music community even more. Humble roots never go unrewarded and Flume is the prime example as he steps into an exciting 2019.

Photo Credit: Flume Official Facebook

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