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Gab Rhome Joins Forces with Booka Shade to Unveil “The Sun”

Pioneering Paris-based DJ, producer and vocalist DJ and producer Gab Rhome has an innate sense of rhythm, emotion, and groove that places him in a category of his own. Both as a producer and DJ, the New York transplant sparks an unavoidable connection with the soul, while conveying exceptional personal style and a sense of fun that is unapologetically authentic. Today the Enigmatic DJ unveils a luminous new collaboration with legendary electronic duo Booka Shade, “The Sun”.

The compelling partnership emerges from an unexpected encounter in Montreal, where Gab Rhome met Booka Shade’s members, Arno and Walter, on the eve of his move to Paris. What started as a casual meeting through a mutual friend, evolved into a creative forge that breathes new life into the electronic genre. Slated to debut on Booka Shade’s home label Blaufield Music, the release of “The Sun” marks a first-time musical synergy between the two titans of electronic soundscape.

Crafted with a blend of intricate piano patterns and a serene pacing, “The Sun” is a masterclass in texture and melody. The track weaves a tapestry of sun-kissed sounds that paint the warmth and glow of summer days. “The Sun” distinguishes itself as an introspective and gracefully unfolding production, veering from Gab Rhome’s signature high-energy sound. Gab’s effortlessly crafted lyricism shines brightly, drawing inspiration from the authenticity of the collaboration and the tranquil yet compelling beats that promise to become a staple in reflective moments as much as on dance floors. With Gab’s entrancing vocals, all carried above the track’s absorbing bassline, “The Sun” delivers a warming, sun-soaked production perfectly shaped for the incoming summer months in Ibiza and Beyond. “The Sun” is out now on all mayor streaming platforms.

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