Galactic Marvl – Save Me – EDMTunes

Galactic Marvl – Save Me – EDMTunes

Galactic Marvl - Save Me - EDMTunes

Galactic Marvl – Save Me

After exploding onto the scene with “Hello”, electronic music fans have been wondering who Galactic Marvl is and what else he has to offer. In just a matter of days, Marvl has delivered, and further fanned the flames regarding his identity. Hailed as possibly the next anonymous DJ/producer sensation, Galactic Marvl is back with “Save Me”. The mysterious artist has given glimpses of his out-of-this world sound and style in the past, but with the release of “Save Me” and the accompanying video, Galactic Marvl proves that his (their? her?) vision may be more fully realized and far reaching than just amping up hype by hiding his identity. The track, with vocals from Connor Foley, features the same soaring melodies and emotional lyrics heard in Galactic Marvl’s introduction, “Hello”. “Save Me” is simultaneously enchanting and exciting, highlighting why we have speculated that Flume and/or Porter Robinson may be behind this project. The accompanying video features the titular alien wandering the streets of a city he just crash-landed in, being pursued by nefarious secret agents of some sort. Our hero is alone and afraid, until he makes a connection with a woman passing by, and the two soar off to what we can assume is Galactic Marvl’s home planet. Viewers are treated to colorful, retro, almost 1950’s inspired artwork and style. The whole package is incredibly impressive and promises great things to come from Galactic Marvl, and is sure to keep listeners guessing as to who is behind this mysterious and refreshingly original project.

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