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Habstrakt Discusses New Album ‘Heritage’ and His World Tour

Habstrakt, born as Adam Jouneau, is one of France‘s top house producers currently and he recently dropped his latest track, “Molotov” with fellow compatriot and best friend Malaa (the producer of the “G-house” music style). The Southern French DJ/producer has been developing a fantastic following worldwide with his top-banging version of bass-house, which resonates nonstop at every show and music festival that he has performed in. “Molotov” is Habstrakt’s third single on his upcoming debut album, Heritage, and it will release later this month.

The album is also the subject of his current ‘Heritage’ World Tour, in which Habstrakt begins his tour performing in Europe, particularly in four stops in his native France. Afterwards, he will head to North America, with his March 24th show in Philadelphia being the first one. Here is One EDM’s exclusive interview with Habstrakt, the bass-house star who is currently wrapping his last two European tour stops this weekend.

Ken Ngo: Hello Adam, how are you doing? Currently, you are on your European tour and you will wrap up the tour with stops in Nijmegen and Budapest on March 17th and 18th respectively. What have been the most favorite moments of your 2023 European tour?

Habstrakt: I’m doing pretty good! So far all the shows in France were sold out and had a crazy energy, which makes me really happy since I hadn’t played solo shows in France in years due to the pandemic. My favorite thing about this tour was getting to spend  time with my old friends and family, since all the French shows happened around my hometown where my parents still live.

Since you, Habstrakt, are one of France’s top DJs/producers in house music, particularly in the subgenre of bass house, how was it like performing in front of your fellow French compatriots on your tour stops in Nice, Montpelier, Toulouse, and Lyon? Particularly in front of compatriots who really love your awesome, hard-hitting style of bass house in comparison to other well-known French house artists?

It’s been awesome. The reception to all the new tunes is incredibles and the French crowds are so rowdy – having mosh pits and singing along to all the tunes! They definitely embrace every genre and let me play whatever I feel like, and it’s been really fun to reconnect with the people and the culture here – something I was missing a lot since moving to the U.S. six years ago.

You will start your North American Tour on March 24 with a stop in Philadephia. The North American stops, just like the European stops, are a part of the whole ‘Heritage’ tour that celebrates the release of your upcoming album, Heritage, which will be available for download and stream later this month. Will you give you any hints of how you will present your shows on the North American stops?

I’ve made new tunes, a new set, new live visuals, new merch.. I reworked every aspect on the show to give an even more intense, immersive and connected experience. I’m looking forward to start playing these shows and showing this new side of the vision.

Speaking of the upcoming Heritage album, On Friday, March 3rd, you released your third single from the album titled, “Molotov”, alongside fellow French house star and a best friend of yours, Malaa. How was it like to produce another fire track alongside the innovator of the “G-House” style?

Working with Malaa is always awesome. We started exchanging ideas a few months back and slowly picked our favorite – a lot of back and forth on the session since we had to work on this one remotely. Like always with the French, things are either crap or absolute perfect and we didn’t stop working until we both felt we had something great in our hands. I’ve used a lot of external gear and hardware on this record and I love how it sounds, both metallic and analog.

Before the release of Heritage, do you have any words you would like to provide for the fans in anticipation for the album’s music overall?

This album shows every aspect of my current state of mind from the heaviest to the deepest. I hope people will resonate with it, and find their favorite record inside in the process. I’ve used this opportunity to showcase different sounds – some I felt I wasn’t fully confident with before, some that didn’t fit what’s expected from an artist when you only release singles and everything has to be a dancefloor banger. It’s a journey through the past, the present and the future of my vision.

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