Here are the best Australian music blogs!

Here are the best Australian music blogs!

Blogs have occupied cyberspace since the late 90s, but in the dizzying vacuum that is the internet, very few things …

Blogs have occupied cyberspace since the late 90s, but in the dizzying vacuum that is the internet, very few things have stood the test of time. In the information age we’re constantly being bombarded with spontaneous sensory overload, which can often feel overwhelming. It’s thanks to independent news outlets that we’re able to pick out the best artists from the pile.

There’s certainly no shortage of music blogs in Australia, in fact, it’s thanks to blogs that some our biggest dance acts of the late 2000’s were thrusted into the limelight. Due to the fair few blogs that have sparked international popularity, a whole new generation of music lovers have since become part of the conversation, shedding light on the innovative young acts to come.

In an effort to get really meta, below is a list of Australia’s biggest blogs that have firmly planted themselves as purveyors of fine musical tastes.

Acid Stag

Consistently banging out quality reviews, playlists and interviews, Acid Stag focus on all things dance music. They also happen to run a radio show exclusive to Spotify and Apple Music, where they spin everything from contemporary club anthems to underground club rattlers. However, we must praise them for not only promoting established artists, but also bringing promising new talent to the forefront.

Want to get your tracks heard? head to the about tab at and scroll down to the submission guidelines.

Baked Goods

Bringing a vast array of interviews, gig info and exclusive live sessions, Baked Goods are undoubtedly one of most unusual blogs on this list, shining a light on some of Australia’s biggest artists in the realms of pop, rap, R&B and indie. Since their inception in mid 2016, Baked Goods have gone on to provide on-the-minute news and interviews with bands and artists spanning numerous genres, racking up 2 million views and beyond.

Check out baked goods here:

Backyard Opera

Based over in Tempe, Backyard Opera are a publication that centres around topics such as art, photography, fashion, music and even food. Possibly one of the most diverse blogs on this list, BYO offers the latest in art and culture and even has a restaurant and cafe guide! Most recently, the unconventional outlet has interviewed the likes of Liars, Gretta Ray, DZ Deathrays.

If you’re a sucker for all things creative in Australia, browse their recent content here:

Balcony TV

Founded about 12 years ago, Balcony TV has consistently hosted videos of various bands and singer/songwriters performing on balconies. As absurd as it sounds, this outlet has racked up countless views since it’s beginning in 2006, and has featured famous acts such as Jessie J, Mumford and Sons, as well a young Ed Sheeran before he was famous! Each act that plays on BalconyTV is given a city, and the winning act is chosen through how much “likes” they get. The more votes they get, the higher they peak on the charts.

Check out this quirky blog at

Best Before

Sydney-based outlet Best Before brings you on-the-minute news regarding gigs, new releases and reviews. The team, comprised of an enthusiastic group of photographers, journalists and students are keeping it straight up Aussie, with a myriad of interviews, feature articles, livestreams and video clips centring around the countries most exciting new acts. Best Before are undoubtedly obsessed with live music, so you can to count on them to bring you all the major gig info in Sydney, whether you’re into indie rock, rap, pop or dance music.

Check out Best Before at

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Cool Accidents

Cool Accidents are an umbrella for everything pop culture and live music. Despite primarily focusing on popular acts, they also pride themselves in fostering young independent talent from Australia and abroad. If you follow them on social media you’d know that they’re constantly churning out new content, from new releases to tour info and all the latest gossip regarding Australian pop music.

Cool Accidents are always hosting giveaways too, so make sure you visit and get lucky!


Futuremag’s specialty is all in the name. Focusing on everything forward-thinking in the realms of electronic music and pop, Futuremag is ideal for ravers, producers or simply just enthusiasts of dance music. Here you’ll find a variety of new releases from Australia and abroad as well as photos, event reviews and interviews. Futuremag also throw a monthly party with the help of Plasticine at The Foundry in Brisbane, so if you’re based up north, be sure to experience one of these unique art-pop inspired parties.

Check out Futuremag at:

Happy Mag

Enmore-based Happy mag is an enthusiastic bunch of artists and journalists who pride themselves on bringing quality content regarding music, art and youth culture. Having launched just under 3 years ago, Happy mag have risen to the forefront of music journalism in Sydney, with a inbuilt gig guide and a news section centring around Australian culture and music. Unlike most blogs, Happy mag also have a vinyl section, where you can find info regarding original pressings and reissues available in Australia.

To get amongst it, check Happy Mag out at:


I OH YOU have been around for almost a decade, and in that time they have branched out into a record label and blog as well as a management company all in one. Having been born in the midst of the blog house era that brought the spotlight to so many beloved Australian acts, it’s almost impossible to not have heard of them. Beginning just under a decade ago, I OH YOU started as a series of house parties in a desperate attempt to pay the bills, now it has blossomed into successful imprint that continues to thrive in such a unique musical landscape.

Check them out at:

Here are the best Australian music blogs!


Unlike many commercial news sites, Lunchbox has some very strong views regarding the authenticity of music journalism. Swearing to avoid sponsored posts, clickbait and “general waffle”, this quirky news site brings you everything music related from Australia and New Zealand with minimal clutter. Offering up original content such as mixtapes, photo galleries and interviews, Lunchbox brings you the latest music from established acts and newcomers alike, spanning all genres of music.

Be sure to check out Lunchbox at


Founded in 2011, Pilerats have risen to the top of their game. As a collective of like minded music fanatics, they sure know their business. It’s only through extensive research and passion that Pilerats have become the go-to outlet for all things related to dance music, rap, pop and indie rock. However, if you’ve ever visited Pilerats on their website, you’d know that they offer much more than the average run-of-the-mill music gossip, they also showcase a wealth of home grown art, design and photography.

If you haven’t, you can sus them out at

Project U

If you’re thirsty for all things pop, Project U is your blog. Covering all avenues of pop culture and gossip, this bubbly website is packed with exclusive content. From podcasts to interviews and gig photos, Project U has you covered at all times. On this site you can expect to find interviews from some of the biggest stars in pop right now such as Troye Sivan, AlunaGeorge, Lido and more.

Project U are constantly buzzing with new content so feel free hit them up their Facebook at

Purple Sneakers

Possibly one of the most dedicated blogs out there, Purple Sneakers keeps it 100% Aussie, endorsing music from both highly established and underground acts. If you’re based in Sydney, theres a high chance you’ve caught the Purple Sneakers DJ’s in action, regularly shaking up venues and festivals across the city and beyond. On this blog you can expect a diverse mix of pop, rap and dance related news and releases, as well as the odd interview and review. In addition to running the blog, they also run a weekly show on FBi where they spin all the biggest tracks featured on their website.

Check out Purple Sneakers at

Stoney Roads

As if we could resist chucking ourselves on this list! Since setting up shop in 2007, Stoney Roads has become a one stop shop for everything related to dance music, whether it involves interviews with some of the world’s favourite producers, throwing the odd party or just general music related banter. Founded by two friends with a mutual appreciation for a good shindig, Stoney Roads later developed into a community of artists, journalists, designers and producers who dedicate their time to constantly bring brand new content. The more recent years have seen Stoney Roads branch out into a record label also, bringing some of Sydneys most promising new acts into the spotlight.

Don’t hesitate to check us out at

The AU Review

Long running news outlet The AU Review have certainly left their mark on the current media landscape. Establishing themselves over a decade ago, they not only discuss music but also topics such as film & TV, gaming, travel, technology, literature and lifestyle. This extremely broad array of content makes for a blog that has something for everyone, whether you’re an art lover, techie, or just a casual creative. With a website that boasts such a diverse array of content, it’s pretty hard to scroll through without finding an article that’ll interest you.

You’ll likely find their magazines lying around if you hang around any good pub or restaurant, but you can also check out their website at:

The Brag

Priding themselves as being “Sydney’s favourite independent street press”, The Brag have you covered, whether you’re into music, comedy, food, gaming, photography or politics. On their twitter feed you can find news regarding anything from Cartoons to Wildlife to Ben & Jerry’s. The sheer miscellaneousness of The Brag’s output adds to it’s charm, exposing you to news you never thought you needed. With a pop culture sensibility that appeals to both the young and old, The Brag has no limits.

Check out their website here:

The Interns

Easily one of the best looking websites on this list, The Interns focuses on everything pop. With the team comprised of illustrators, journalists and graphic designers, this site certainly makes for an entertaining browse. Taking pride in various trolls such as creating fake Splendour lineups and children’s books starring Kanye West and Jay-Z, The Interns are a quirky bunch, adding a touch of humour amidst your usual pop culture gossip. On this blog you’ll find interviews and reviews of Australian artists, as well as news from some of the most polarising figures in contemporary pop music.

Check out their website here (it’s beautiful):

The Ripe

Ripe is a music publication that engulfs the Australian music scene on a whole, and prides itself on providing news on upcoming artists as well as big artists. Complete with a gig guide and a photo gallery, The Ripe is a diverse hub of Australian music, curated by artists and music lovers alike. With playlists that span an infinite variety of styles, these guys really have their ear to the ground, bringing much needed diversity to a commercial media landscape that seems to always focus on the headliners.

Feel free to chuck on one of their playlists, you might even find your new favourite Australian band!

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