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Picture of Icona Pop and Yaeger “The Shit We Do For Love”

Icona Pop and Yaeger’s “The Shit We Do For Love” – A High-Octane Love Letter to the 90’s Rave Scene

The Swedish pop provocateurs, Icona Pop, who famously declared ‘I don’t care, I love it’ in their 2012 quadruple-platinum hit, return to the dance floor with a fresh anthem for the summer of 2023. They’ve enlisted fellow Swedish artist Yaeger to bring to life an infectious, energetic track titled “The Shit We Do For Love.”

The vibrant duo Icona Pop, consisting of Caroline and Aino, has once again shown their undeniable ability to capture the zeitgeist in their exhilarating new single. Aptly described as a late 90’s rave-inspired romp, “The Shit We Do For Love” evokes a sense of nostalgia while managing to sound incredibly current and fresh. It’s as much a tribute to the era of day-glo and warehouse parties as it is a reflection of the effervescent Icona Pop sound that has enamoured listeners globally.

Sharing the genesis of this track, the duo explain, “We were in the studio together with our friend and writing partner Hanna Yaeger talking about the craziest stuff we’ve ever done for love, we all had so many fun crazy stories. It just came together in a way that felt so current and urgent we had to release it straight away.”

The pulsating energy of the track is truly contagious and representative of the girls’ dynamic musical journey, from making their mark with “I Love It” to proving their mettle with a plethora of hit songs such as “All Night,” “Get Off My Mind,” and “Clap Snap.”

Icona Pop has consistently projected a message of empowerment, positivity, and an undying zest for life, and “The Shit We Do For Love” is no exception. The track is a testament to their tenacity and a reminder of the musical prowess that this duo possesses. The high-energy collaboration with Yaeger is likely to be a staple in the summer playlists, beach parties, and festival circuits of 2023.

This release is a refreshing appetizer for Icona Pop’s upcoming second studio album, and if “The Shit We Do For Love” is an indication of what’s to come, we can confidently say we’re in for a treat. The duo remains unfazed by the weight of expectation, having transformed their ‘quiet times’ during the pandemic into a creative force, delivering some of their clubbiest music ever.

A decade after their breakthrough, Icona Pop remains a constant fixture in the pop landscape. They’ve outlasted the ephemeral nature of pop music, all the while embracing the evolution of their sound. “The Shit We Do For Love” isn’t just a song; it’s a declaration of their enduring spirit and a celebration of their continued love for what they do.

And so, in the spirit of Icona Pop’s latest summer anthem, let’s raise a toast to the crazy things we do for love and to the unforgettable, rejuvenating music that accompanies those moments. Here’s to more hit songs, more love, and more Icona Pop.

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