iOS users can now see production credits on Spotify app

iOS users can now see production credits on Spotify app

What Spotify promises, Spotify instates.

The music streaming giant announced its intent to add songwriter and producer credits to the desktop application in February. Akin to YouTube’s provision of additional credit information for more than one-million songs in May, Spotify’s introduction of song credits to the desktop application enabled streamers to see the previously ‘invisible’ hands involved in the production of some of their favorite songs.

Now, iOS users can view credits on Spotify’s app. To browse the accreditation associated with a given track, a Spotify listener needs only to press the button with three dots that appears next to the Spotify selection. The user can then scroll down the drop down menu to select “Song Credits” at the very bottom of the list.

While some credits are currently available, some are not; record labels must submit the information in order for it to appear. As Chairman of the European Composer & Songwriter Alliance (ECSA), Alfons Karabuda noted in an Instagram post, publishers, songwriters, and societies will need to collaborate “in the near future” to ensure that the proper credits and, if applicable, corrections surface in conjunction with the production.

H/T: Nest HQ