Julian Jordan talks about growing up on tour and his foray into fashion [Interview] – EDM All Day

Julian Jordan talks about growing up on tour and his foray into fashion [Interview] – EDM All Day

Dutch DJ and Producer started touring the world at the age 15 and has not stopped since. Now 22 years …

Dutch DJ and Producer started touring the world at the age 15 and has not stopped since. Now 22 years old, Jordan has expanded beyond the DJ booth and started his own record label called GOLDKID Records in addition to launching a fashion line. It takes many artists a lifetime to achieve what Jordan has done in seven short years, however, the producer has an energetic and optimistic disposition despite an admittedly heavy workload.

We got to speak to Julian about growing up in the spotlight, his friendship with , and his foray into fashion, among other things. While he is currently touring in Europe, he will be taking his #Playon tour to the US starting with a headlining show at Las Vegas’s Nightclub on September 26. We learned that one Julian’s favorite things about touring is playing new music so that he can get a real time reaction to what fans think the songs. Be sure to get your tickets to his upcoming show where he will be previewing multiple new IDs, and read our full interview with him below.



Julian Jordan talks about growing up on tour and his foray into fashion Interview] - EDM All Day


You started touring at 15. Do you ever feel like you missed out on being a normal teenager?

Yeah. It was crazy because when I started touring it was all international, so I was traveling all over really quickly. I definitely missed out on some the time with friends most people have growing up. It’s funny now though because I am booking a lot more shows close to home, so I am actually getting to see friends more now and live more that life that I missed out on earlier.

You once said that you like to think outside the box, and that what inspires you are other artists who do that as well. Who are some the artists who inspire you?

I would have to say . I love his music and he is incredibly innovative. I really love his stuff, and he has always been a huge inspiration for me.

Of all your collaborations, do you have a favorite person that you have worked with?

I would have to say Martin Garrix. We are just really on the same wave length as artists and kind approach things the same way. A lot the time you get in the studio with someone and they just want to do things their way, but with Martin we work really well together and bounce ideas f each other.

You guys grew up friends right?

Yeah it’s funny– we met each other online as we were getting into music, and I would brag to him about this music school I was in. Then he eventually actually joined my class at school, and we went to school together for a few years. He’s one my good friends

Is there someone you haven’t worked with yet that you would really like to?

I would say . He was one my biggest inspirations growing up and still is to this day. When I was 5,6, and 7 years old listening to music, he was already spinning, and he brought a lot attention to our country in terms the music scene. He is definitely a big inspiration for me.

If you weren’t a DJ, what would you be doing?

I don’t know… I mean I always wanted to be an entertainer and be in the spotlight. In school, I would rap on the playground and loved entertaining people. When I found music, that fell into place where I could do something that I love and entertain those around me. But I always like trying new things and I think musically I would like to do something unexpected moving forward, like work with a rock band or something different like that.

Is fashion something you have always been interested in? Or did you learn you were interested in it once you started working on your ?

I have always been interested in it because fashion is an important part being an entertainer. This isn’t a collaboration where we sat down and had a meeting and did the collaboration. I was just hanging out with them and we were throwing out ideas, and that is where the collaboration was born.

When you aren’t touring or in the studio, what are you doing with your time?

Well that’s hard to answer because I feel like touring and being in the studio is already a really hard thing to balance. I would say I’m usually on my couch and spending time with my family if I am not in the studio. It’s really hard being able to see them and spend time with them, so I use every moment I can get outside work to be with friends and family.

We got a little sneak peak at some the new music and remixes you have coming out. They are epic. Will fans at your upcoming Omnia show be lucky enough to get a sneak peak as well?

Of course! I always play new music at my shows, and I will definitely be previewing the tracks at Omnia. I always like to play what I have been working on the studio live in front fans because that is the best way to gauge whether people will like the music or not. Everyone at Omnia is lucky because I am in the studio for a few days right now so I will have a bunch new stuff to play for them.