Justin Prime & Husman – Ninja

Justin Prime & Husman – Ninja

• Unexpected collaboration • Bringing out 2021’s version of Cannonball • Giving out new tutorial of making Bigroom track Both …

• Unexpected collaboration
• Bringing out 2021’s version of Cannonball
• Giving out new tutorial of making Bigroom track

Both Justin Prime and Husman have reserved themselves as my favourite artists for many reasons. Especially, with all the gems they have contributed to the Big Room scene. Both the DJs have adhered to their signature, working along with numerous other talents to perfect and develop further. Taking the opportunity, the Dutch personages have teamed-up for a Rave Culture release, titled “Ninja”. And expectations have definitely been met for sure.

While Prime’s sudden breakout happened with his 2015 prime hit “Cannonball”, Husman on the other built a solid reputation with string of belters accompanying names like Blasterjaxx, SaberZ, ANG and more. Knowing this, the bar was set high for their collaboration; first premiering at W&W during the 2020 virtual rendition of DJ MAG, the ID accumulated attention but kept the audience searching for the masterminds behind it. Following this, Husman took the pleasure of announcing the official existence of this record, and revealed that both Prime and him were expecting it to unveil on an upcoming day in the first quarter of the following year.

Mentioned instrumental begins with on a strong dose of piano and a charming acapella that taken from TNT & Darren Styles’ work. However I am not entirely sure whether it is part of that record or a mashup of DLMD’s vocal. That aside, “Ninja” is surprisingly not themed on “martial arts” or the legendary erstwhile warriors of the Orient, rather contrary. Husman did his charm with the main hook and synths in the breakdown, while the other veteran nailed the kick and the “Cannonball-esque” riff in the drop. It’s quite a unique case when Prime decided to modernize upon his classic trademark. Examples are many, one being the “Raver Dome” with Sandro Silva and 3 Are Legends. Depending on whether this recurrence is a pro or a con is a subjective matter, but it strikes as a distinct sound in the scene. Fun fact: ANG contributed for the pre-drop vox snippet, and are known for working with Husman while they exchange ideas. This instrumental doesn’t lean much on Trance schematics, and sticks to the standard release format of its imprint.

“Ninja” is yet another fresh addition for Rave Culture, and has certainly made me curious for a tutorial on behind the scenes of this production. Hopefully, this string of dance-floor shaking singles will continue from the label and invite more such great joint-efforts like the one shown in this song.

You can listen to “Ninja” here: