Justin Prime & Sandro Silva – Raver Dome

Justin Prime & Sandro Silva – Raver Dome

• Implausible involvement of the un-mentioned triage • Prototype version better than the final one • Only efforts from the …

• Implausible involvement of the un-mentioned triage
• Prototype version better than the final one
• Only efforts from the Dutch creators in this project

On Friday, thousands of fans from all around the world patiently waited to listen to the huge collaboration titled as “Raver Dome” from the so-called ‘3 Are Legend‘ alongside the Dutch producers Justin Prime & Sandro Silva. This song has had heavy rotation at reputed festivals such as EDC Mexico, World Club Dome Germany, Tomorrowland & Amsterdam Dance Event. But it wasn’t what I expected. Needless to say, there is a fair share of reasons why to dislike the product of this specific synergy, despite such hype and ballyhoo.

Back in February 2019, W&W played a prototype version of “Raver Dome”, which was originally known as “Epic Ball”. According to 1001Tracklists and their own social media, this was made only by Sandro Silva and Justin Prime. Both hail from the Netherlands and have had a breakthrough a few years ago. But then, things changed and went down south as they mentioned working on a bigger joint-effort with 3 Are Legend. They premiered this later in DV&LM’s Tomorrowland 2019 set. As first change, the intro and mid were unbearable, because the riff was lazily sampling Europe’s ‘Final Countdown’. There was a lesser effort in this newer update, stripping the production of its primal intensity.

Second point, why did even “3 Are Legend” got involved in this project?
Obviously, Sandro Silva & Justin Prime were the only brainchild behind this, and they make no mystery of it. Only in the most recent posts they “remembered” to tag the other trio and add photos with them.
A lot of questions and red flags were provoked when the instrumental was given ‘additional flavour’ by these said ‘legends’.

Third point, why did this even get published under Smash The House, instead of Rave Culture where it actually belongs? While it was the home for a lot of gems back in the days, the former was founded by Belgian brothers and went downhill in the past years. Expanding the genre palette to some controversial and commercial styles such as Reggaeton and Future Bass, they also further released compositions from ‘artists’ such as MATTN and Paris Hilton. The label further earned itself a dubious reputation among the scene because of quality downgrade. In addition suspicious ghost-productions didn’t help either.

Being a Big Room fan, disappointment was unavoidable when this huge creation transformed into something which can only be termed as apathetic approach of presenting music. However, I do respect Sandro Silva and his fellow Dutchman, Justin Prime for their hardworking and masterpieces behind “Raver Dome”.

You can listen to “Raver Dome” here: