K I E – Walk Away

K I E – Walk Away

• Captivating vocal, distorted in a curious and effective way • Impressive approach with the sound design • Slightly similar …

• Captivating vocal, distorted in a curious and effective way
• Impressive approach with the sound design
• Slightly similar to the previous track “Games”

Usually, writing doesn’t pose me a significant challenge, however I am taking the opportunity to share a rather difficult review for a song. The complication: I cannot categorize it into one particular style. And it has not hindered my experience, as it left with a satisfied feeling. My brain is used to hear variety of generic music, and thus has been stimulated from K I E’s excellent work. His new single, “Walk Away”, is out now on Hegemon Select.

A new alias of Peter Kiemann, the Future Bass producer who achieved some industrial success with quality productions such as “Lost With You” and “Can’t Keep Giving”. With evolution of the genre leaning towards a darker imprint, his strategy was to stand out from the masses and experiment with a hybrid sound, mixing together the glitched essences, brought to fame by heavyweight acts such as Rezz. Further with that, he added adequate hints of Future Bass and Mid Tempo, rendering it as his distinguished signature. Assigning a fixed genre to “Walk Away” would be a foolhardy job (someone even told me that it could be slower variation of Melodic Dubstep!). Let’s assume for now that it is a modernistic spin on the genre and let’s jump straight to the core of it, ignoring the secondary and intricate details.

Games”, his earlier single on EDM.com, shared similar arrangements, and with that “Walk Away” sounds slightly familiar to ears. However, an emotional vocal (distorted to the right and sublime ends, I must admit) makes the breakdown unforgettable. The drop, as said, mixes together motley of influences, but the outcome is rather clean and well-executed. Nothing to complain about the sound design, as K I E seems to have plenty expertise in the sound design/selection department. There is a merge between repetitive and frenetic lead along side the bassline; as I was captured strongly by it, even if others may find the element too dominant in the entire mixdown.

Concluding, K I E is formulating this peculiar yet intriguing twist on Future Bass/Electro House (at this point, genre-naming is a waste of time) that has a lot of potential stored inside, in my humble opinion. I am waiting for more releases from this alter-project, as to determine extent of versatility on the schematics. For the moment, I am satisfied and pleased on this discovery.

You can listen to “Walk Away” here: