Kalipzo – I Like Cake + Q&A

Kalipzo – I Like Cake + Q&A

Just in time for the weekend, I got my hands on this fun and high energy new single by L.A. …

Just in time for the weekend, I got my hands on this fun and high energy new single by L.A. producer and DJ, Kalipzo. The up and coming musician continues to change her sound, style, and influences. Check out the new track below and under that check out our brief interview with her.

– Is being an upcoming DJ and producer in L.A. more intimidating or exciting? Lots of competition but also lots of opportunities!  

I would say half and half, there is a lot of talent out here, so I try to focus on myself and my craft as much as possible. But, it’s also super exciting! I’m very lucky to have the privilege to do what I love with the people I love, wouldn’t have it any other way.

– You took a year off of releasing music, was that to form a new sound?

Yes, I needed time to figure out who I wanted to be as a Bass House producer. There were so many different directions I wanted to take, but I eventually ended up narrowing it down to the sound I have now.

– Why did you change your sound? Do you think you’ll change it again?

As much as I still love Dubstep (and Riddum, don’t judge!) I wanted something that captured my vibe better. I feel like as a genre, Dubstep only represented a small part of my personality, whereas Bass House fully captures the vibe that I want as an artist: fun, sexy, cool. It’s possible that I might change up my sound in the future, I’m a very eclectic person, but I have a feeling I’ll never stop making Bass House, it’s just too damn groovey!

– Is “I Like Cake” what most of your future records will sound like? Known to most as Bass House or G-House.

Yup! This is a genre that definitely captures my artistic voice right now, and I have a lot to say!

– In your bio there are a ton of different musical influences: who are the top 5 musicians (dead or alive) who you’d like to collaborate with?  

For me, this kind of question will always have a different answer, but if I’m choosing based off of how I feel right now, I would say: Koos, Dustycloud, Habstrakt, Ludwig Göransson, and Kendrick Lamar.

– Tell us about the Low Freqs crew.

I would describe The Low Freqs as a family of friends who produce and DJ House and Breaks (we recently released a new EP!) What I really love is how adamant they are about supporting women in this industry, and a lot of our members are girls. I’m really lucky to have found them actually, before the Low Freqs I was in a heavy depression, it wasn’t until I met Mèlay, who introduced me to Bass House and the other Freqs, that I started to come out of my shell again. Couldn’t thank these guys enough.

– What do you like doing more: creating/producing music or DJing/performing live?

As much as I love being behind the decks and connecting with the crowd, I would say the studio is my true home. Although, this could change as I start to play bigger and bigger shows.

– You got into the music scene at a pretty young age, what is your earliest memorable music related memory?

My favorite music memory would have to be when I first discovered what a LFO does, I was so happy that I figured out how to do something cool in Reason, and was finally able to make songs that faintly resembled dubstep.

– Give us 3 fun (but random) facts about yourself that we’d never guess!

I love playing Star Craft. I really wanna be able to do simple magic tricks, like make quarters disappear and reappear, so I can go to the zoo and do magic tricks for the monkeys and watch them flip out. Sometimes I wish I was a professional skateboarder.

– Do you have any new projects or shows coming up?

I have a new collab coming up with this new, protoje producer, Mystic Natives. I’m super pumped about it, it’s easily one of my favorite projects that I’ve been involved with so far.