KASE – 1.45 am.

KASE – 1.45 am.

• Relaxing atmosphere and a serene vibe • Slow and calming melody • Lo-Fi track useful for late-hour study sessions …

• Relaxing atmosphere and a serene vibe
• Slow and calming melody
• Lo-Fi track useful for late-hour study sessions

This wasn’t planned. “1.45 am.” has been suggested by a fan as an outcome to our fun contest held through our IG stories, but I must admit that this lo-fi production does a great charm on you! I thought perhaps this genre is a mismatch for my tastes, and hence wouldn’t be discussed in any upcoming articles. This year has been nothing short of surprises, and this is another one (although pleasant)!

Usually blasting “Lofi hip hop radio – beats to relax/study to” during my work sessions, I am an habitué of the genre. If you are new to the term, “Lo-Fi” has been considered a significant audio aspect in many styles of music, especially since the advent of bedroom audio production. In modern times it is translated to slow-paced Hip-hop or House beats which samples vintage sounds, having a DIY and often nostalgic tonality. Personally, I don’t consider it as a genre to listen firsthand, rather to leave it playing in the background and focus on something else, even if I have great respect for all the underground artists who work hard to create this unwinding records. Thus, describing a tune that normally I won’t listen meticulously is definitely a new challenge for me! Luckily, it has been a positive experience to narrate; music is music, and every instrumental deserves a review if it displays ingenuity.

So, to begin with, “1.45 am.” is a nocturnal tune that could assist in concentrating on say late-hour study session. Its atmosphere is composed of this slow and peaceful (obviously) and delicate synths playing altogether with subtle percussion. We also have a guitar in the contents, adding to that sweet sound that originates from a xylophone (in my guess), with various samples introduced sequentially including a lovely saxophone as well.

Minimalism and laid-back tones here are colliding in harmony with a magical set-up, radiating a feeling to be submerged in a placid and calm ocean of thoughts that everything is okay and is in the right place.

KASE asserts his expertise in the lo-fi area, and in my limited experience, he did a plenty great job with the stripped back schematics. The song radiates a grateful mood, and it is for certain that many students (and workers) will enjoy this benefit. This isn’t a track I would cherry-pick in a playlist of other similar songs, as it happens most of the time when I listen to lo-fi. Yet, a commendable experience from KASE!

You can listen to “1.45 am.” here: