KEVU & SaberZ – Dream Team

KEVU & SaberZ – Dream Team

• A dream collaboration from both duos • Equal teamwork on a banger • Homage to earlier Big Room As …

• A dream collaboration from both duos
• Equal teamwork on a banger
• Homage to earlier Big Room

As Rave Culture continues dominating the current scene, leading acts KEVU and SaberZ haven’t stopped striding with a strong ensemble of hits. The genre-bearers have released multiple club-weapons out in a short span already; the Hungarian duo releasing “Quarantine” (with Husman), while KEVU revealed three singles on January which consisted of self releases and one on Maxximize Records. As the pairs show no signs of stopping, they have synergized unexpectedly for an instrumental titled “Dream Team”.

While KEVU recently premiered “Dream Team” in the Songkran 808 festival (adequately glamourized with strings of fireworks during the first drop), it was the label-head W&W themselves to inaugurate a mashup of this track with their unreleased bootleg of “Still D.R.E.” by Dr. Dre and Snoop Dogg. Till the confirmation, some thought that it was their collaboration with the Portuguese pair. However, it was clarified soon after on who were involved.

This joint-effort tries to take points for the adventurous and equal work done by the both sides, which is evident from first second. The entire structure seemed to be done by SaberZ, while the other half probably assisted in the layering and other technicalities. The break uses pluck Trance like arps, quickly ascending to the crowd-hyping supersaw that intensifies the mood. Then a jabber of a drop appears with fast-paced synth leads; while it doesn’t straight up feel as totally dynamic, it has a rugged feel akin to older Big Room. The BPM is kept adhered to 128 BPM as the balanced team-up shines because of their endeared peculiarities, driving the production forward energetically.

“Dream Team” made me believe that its core inspiration was taken from the golden days of this festival style from veterans like Hardwell or Blasterjaxx. If this direction if further followed creatively in the future instrumentals from either of the parties, the expected outcome is going to be as tenacious as this particular record.

You can listen to “Dream Team” here: