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Keys N Krates debuts long awaited album, 'Cura'

After what seems like an eternity to fans, Canadian trio  — drummer Adam Tune, keyboardist David Matisse, and turntablist Jr. Flo —  released one the most highly anticipated albums the year. Titled Cura, the skillfully crafted collection has captivated fans from all over the world for its unique, otherworldly style and original cultivation sounds.

The lead track on the LP, “Início,” is a glowing fury intoxicating synths, mellow chops intriguing vocal samples, and harmonic waves bass. The piece features edgy beats and uplifting progressions.

“Glitter” is an infectious medley groovy bass infused with compelling vocals by Ambrè Perkins and pretty flowing melodies. As this piece vastly strays from the typical sound contemporary dance music, Keys N Krates illuminates their perspective on the scene as a whole, and how they move about in the realm where they do not fit the typical mold.

Another highlight the album, “Something Wonderful,” is a testament to the trio’s production strength and eclectic technical ability. “Something Wonderful” is a statement piece, and the work art can stand alone, yet fits in with audio aesthetic  the whole.

“Harpes At Night” showcases the evolution sound that Keys N Krates has effortlessly mastered. With calming undertones contrasted with breezy notes and an absence percussion, the trio has come full circle with their forward-thinking sound.

Needless to say, with the birth their first studio album, Keys N Krates has mastered their own signature innovative sound, and has set the bar high for what’s to come in the next chapter their musical endeavors.

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