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KOAN Sound Reveals Innovative Album “Led by Ancient Light” Graphic Novella & Documentary

Acclaimed electronic music duo, KOAN Sound, has announced their upcoming concept album, “Led by Ancient Light”, set to be released on September 8th. This creative endeavour does not stop at music, as the artists are also releasing a distinctive graphic novella and a documentary. This ambitious project is a perfect harmony of various elements – the music, the artwork, characters, and storyline all interconnect seamlessly to create a unique experience.

“Led by Ancient Light” carries a storyline set on a distant desert planet, home to ancient beings. The narrative revolves around the character “Ardor” who embodies wisdom emanating from a simplistic lifestyle, akin to the way KOAN Sound have chosen to live in recent years.

The duo expressed in a press release via EDM.com, “We devoted considerable time reflecting on the project and setting our intentions before diving into the music. This method made the entire process clearer and more meaningful.” KOAN Sound’s pre-planning phase successfully eliminated instances of creative blocks, laying a firm foundation for their musical journey.

This path led the duo to collaborate with renowned audio engineer Jim Barr, a former touring bassist for Portishead. Barr’s input was instrumental in shaping KOAN Sound’s approach, involving organic and experimental sound design utilising cello and double bass.

The Canadian music institution, Studio Bell, served as the backdrop for the piano elements of “Led by Ancient Light”. This unique setting allowed the duo to experiment with an Oscar Petersen upright piano, creating limitless possibilities.

“We aspire to make the album an immersive journey, transporting the listener into the narrative and sonic world that we crafted,” stated KOAN Sound. “In a world teetering with uncertainty about the future, we aim to narrate how profound personal meaning can be discovered under any circumstance, and underline the importance of our connection with the environment we inhabit.”

To give fans a taste of what’s to come, KOAN Sound released “Ascension”, the first single from the album in mid-June, followed by “Liquid Levity” this week.

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