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Krevix & Miami Boys Are Ready To Release The Party With ‘Just One Touch’

Future Rave Music presents again another masterful collaboration between fresh new talents. This time Krevix and Miami Boys take the stage to showcase their undeniable talent, skills and sound. 

Krevix is an up-and-coming DJ and producer from the Netherlands, his style and sound shows with every release, experimenting with the sounds of Future Rave, Big Room and Dance genres. 

Miami Boys are a DJ and producer duo from Austria, their interest in music production and Electronic Dance Music brought them together and has been their driving force ever since. Their music displays their interest in the Tech House, EDM and Future Rave genres.  

This collaboration brings together the best of these artists, as they find their similarities in interests and sound and team up to create this explosive track. 

‘Just One Touch’ features stabbing synths that maintain the intensity throughout the track, with intense drops, Future Rave influenced synths and basslines, bells and percussive instruments that add layers of dynamics, this track is certainly one for EDM and Future Rave lovers all around the world.  

The revved-up synths pick up the track to immediately drop it to an intense and refreshing splash, making it a complete Dance music experience with a pure mainstage feel. Echoed vocals add a touch of softness to the otherwise hard-hitting and energetic track.  

Orchestral pads encompassed by heavy drums gives way to a moment of release as an intermission, only to drop the listener back into what could be the best rave of the summer. 

Future Rave Music continues to show that is on a non-stop mission to put out the best music and showcase the biggest emerging talents from all around the world. Krevix and Miami Boys are surely adding their names on the list of artists not to miss. 

Be sure to follow them and Future Rave Music as they continue to release powerful bangers that are breaking their way onto dancefloors worldwide. 

‘Just One Touch’ is out now and available in all major online stores and streaming platforms.

Listen and buy ‘Just One Touch’ now 


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