L3N – Bad Producer

L3N – Bad Producer

• Mix of hilarious vocal and solid groove • Bass House leaning arrangements • A new direction for L3N? Every …

• Mix of hilarious vocal and solid groove
• Bass House leaning arrangements
• A new direction for L3N?

Every once in a while, there is a record with an unusual flair and oddities that warrant attention. As the Friday list of new music extends miles, one such was asking for its own specific article. We have the newest offering from up and coming Electronic music alias L3N, who you might be familiar with his various Festival House instrumentals. This Fanfare records release has been titled (tongue-in-cheek) as “Bad Producer”, providing two minutes of both comic and funky House instrumentation worth listening for the experience.

The German producer has presented a genuine attempt at Bass House after having a solid track record at Big Room; collaborating with the likes of Bassjackers while at it. This specific distinguished attempt got our attention with its theme and the manipulation so done to achieve an amusing yet energetic experience to listen through. Throughout the production, a sarcastic and anonymous critic rambles a monologue on his hatred of contemporary Dance music (purists are commonplace), which adequately gets comeuppance from the groovy beat that ensues. The instrumental keeps a comedic tone along with the vigour and grit needed for dance floor, utilizing mildly distorted saws and quirky FXs such as the vocal snippets. Further there’s a strong FM synthesized bassline (if that’s the technical word) that comes alternately, as the backdrop keeps a simplistic percussion drive.

The critical (but hilarious) vocals add an impressive extra rhythm to the composition. Nevertheless, it is impossible not to remember Showtek & Gammer’s experiment when they used this sort of vocals in the same way as L3N (but the German act used it in his favour). This is pure Bass House with some “magic influences” from Tech House: a groovy drop and the major presence of vocal chops.

In conclusion, L3N crafted a surprising tune which is perhaps the pinnacle of his newest signature sound. His versatility is worthy of admiration and a one-to-watch this year in the genre. Hopefully, this new direction will serve as his resurgence (after a year without any remarkable launch).

You can listen to “Bad Producer” here: