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Lama: Not Your Everyday Bedroom Music Producer

Every artist produces music for a reason. Some make music to express themselves, others because it’s an innate talent, and others want to impact people through their music. Music enthusiasts are always looking out for artists who can serve them refreshing and inspiring songs. They want to listen to songs that resonate with their experiences. Therefore, for an artist to remain relevant in the music industry today, they have to produce music not only to achieve their personal goals but to act as an inspiration to their fans. Raghav Lama is an excellent example of an artist who makes music intending to impact society.

Lama is a 22-year-old sensational and talented Indian artist and producer. He makes music in the melodic base and future bass realm. Consistency is the ultimate key to success. Artists often lose touch with their audience by releasing songs and disappearing. Lama has discovered this vital asset and has managed to keep his fans engaged by releasing hit after hit consistently. Some of the singles he’s produced include “Where Do We Go,” “Over Again,” “Where We Were,” and “Hopeful Lie.”

ILLENIUM is a well-renowned artist who has inspired Lama’s journey in the music industry. Through his songs, ILLENIUM shares his story and wants to have an impact on the listeners. Lama desired to make an impact on people and endeavored to learn how to make and produce music. When he was nine months into his music production journey, he got his first single, “Where Do We Go,” signed by his dream record label, and this helped him take his first step in the music industry.

Every artist’s dream is to collaborate with renowned artists in the industry. A chance to do such collaborations is a huge step toward an artist’s success. Lama had always dreamt of being a part of MrSuicideSheep, and he recently has had the opportunity to work with them and has released two singles. He considers this his most significant achievement yet and an inspiration to soar high in his musical journey. Lama has also been able to amass a vast audience of fans, and last year he garnered over 1.3 million streams on Spotify.

But Lama has faced several challenges in his musical career. He says the most significant hurdle he has faced was trying to manage his studies and, at the same time, concentrate on growing his music career. He found it exhausting and decided to drop out of school, a move that wasn’t exactly seen in a good light in the academically-driven environment he lived in. However, his parents have supported his decisions and have
since been by his side in every achievement. His other challenge is getting through creative blocks. Lama confesses that he sometimes cannot come up with original ideas for tracks, but he overcomes this obstacle by reminding himself why he started making music.

Lama says it is okay to make mistakes in your quest for success. Mistakes are a chance for you to know where you are failing and an opportunity to change your trajectory. Additionally, he believes opportunities are not given but grabbed, and only those who are determined enough can get hold of them.

In the coming years, Lama wants to create a more significant impact on society through his songs. He aspires to produce more tracks that resonate with people’s experiences and be the reason they want to hold on in life. Lama also envisions himself performing live behind the decks and living his dream.

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