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Living up to expectations: Ninetails craft Solid Brazilian Bass with enriching details in Armada!

Living up to expectations: Ninetails craft Solid Brazilian Bass with enriching details in Armada!

80%Overall Score

• Great choice with the hi-hats!
• Creative vocal switches, a bit too dominant
• Clean bassline, a pleasure for the ears

Ninetails, a UK duo known for their previous hits like “Saturday Night” with Brando and the experimental “You In My Mind,” continues to impress with their ability to blend genres. The fusion of Deep House, Brazilian Bass, and a hint of Pop vocals demonstrates their commitment to innovation. “Feel Alive” is another addition to their repertoire that maintains a balance between mainstream appeal and a desire to push creative boundaries.

From the characteristic high pitch at the beginning, transitioning into a heavy Brazilian Bass drop, to the trap hi-hats creating an aura of mystery, Ninetails carefully crafts a dynamic and engaging experience. The breakdown adds the right amount of dynamic imprint, ensuring that the track doesn’t fall into the trap of sounding monotonous.

While the vocals might be perceived as slightly tiring in some instances, it’s clear that Ninetails have potential, and “Feel Alive” is a testament to their ability to create radio-friendly tunes that steer clear of monotony. The clean bassline, in particular, stands out as a highlight, contributing to the overall sonic richness of the composition.

In conclusion, Ninetails’s “Feel Alive” is a noteworthy addition to the Armada catalog, showcasing their knack for combining popular elements with innovative touches. The track not only meets expectations but also leaves room for anticipation of what Ninetails has in store for future releases.

You can listen to “Feel Alive” here:

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