Maddix – Activating

Maddix – Activating

• Thematic yet distinct • Powerful sway… as per the norm • Hypnotizing melody In a previous article, I touched …

• Thematic yet distinct
• Powerful sway… as per the norm
• Hypnotizing melody

In a previous article, I touched on Maddix’s creation titled “Technology, I explained why it fell just short of perfection due to factors primarily revolving around its axis of monotony. I made the point that the early stages of rebranding should come with the expectation that not everything is going to be executed flawlessly. The experimentation process is crucial in any endeavor to idealize one’s product. In the case of Maddix, perfection came around sooner than expected.

Building off my remarks toward “Technology”, I will explain why “Activating” broke a high threshold of rating.

“Activating” is an amalgam of everything I loved in “Technology”, with the added ironing-out of the wrinkles in Pablo Rindt’s expertly woven fabric of genres. In the break, Maddix has crafted a simple, yet tense melody. Much like “Technology”, it doesn’t stray away from the supporting chords. But, this time it carries a more relaxed vibe while maintaining the suspenseful undertones present in previous productions. The break does a masterful job of alleviating the relentless power the drop possesses while retaining the audience’s anticipation.

The drops in this track also lend heavily to it’s greater score. As I pointed out in my review of “Technology”, the kick and bass are flawless. The heavy, gritty kick gives way to a smooth, powerful bass, creating an irresistible sway. The drop leads carry a captivating vibe, but the lack of variation throughout the drop detracts from its value. “Activating” solves this issue very effectively. In the first drop, the initial bars all but leave the lead out entirely. Barring a few acid shots, the drop is very percussion heavy. As it progresses, however, more elements are introduced to keep the listener’s interest. Hi-hats and a sawtooth lead gradually emerge without carving out any of the power or flow. All of these come roaring back in the second drop, crafting the ultimate climax. The lead melody is broken up just enough to redact the monotony.

The final fix in “Activating” is it’s namesake vocal sample. In the case of “Technology”, the vocal sample is repeated far too much for far too long and becomes rather vexatious in very little time. Once again, this problem is addressed flawlessly. The vocal sample does it’s job of leading the theme of the track and building tension where necessary while being sparse enough to avoid any annoyance.

One final point that I think lends to quality of this track is that it landed on Rave Culture and not Revealed Music. I’ve gone back time and again to listen to the première of this track, eagerly anticipating it’s release date on Revealed. But, once it was announced that “Activating” would be released on Rave Culture, it seemed to take on a new level of excitement. Somehow, the shock of seeing Maddix make his début on W&W’s magnificent label established a more subconscious attachment to the track.

All things considered, I couldn’t be more pleased with this creation. This is a track that I will remember for the years to come as quintessence of the Maddix’s Tribe era. With that, I am more than content to brand “Activating” with a sparkling rating.

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