Marius Drescher – We Had It All

Marius Drescher – We Had It All

• Playful and melodic • Great sound-selection in a minimal blueprint • Hints of retro sounds sprinkled throughout As fanatics …

• Playful and melodic
• Great sound-selection in a minimal blueprint
• Hints of retro sounds sprinkled throughout

As fanatics of listening to music, don’t we all continuously explore the vast and fascinating territories of unknown records for that one more instant favorite? In my recent process, I did stumble on one beautifully crafted production which released in the end of last year, and even if a two-week window of time has passed, it’s my dire wish to talk about it. What do I have to offer you ask? Well, what about an uplifting tune that will sure cheer anyone: made by the up and coming name Marius Drescher. His latest work “We Had It All” is a compilation of three tracks, among one which caught my attention with its exceptional attributes. Titled the same, this song delivers a mix-mash emotions, ranging from bittersweet happiness and energetic charm!

The Berlin denizen in today’s highlight has the expertise under his belt. I have been recently intrigued with the ethereal and atmospheric domain of melodic techno, and being new to a genre can be difficult at first: fixating on the right kind of mood and tone (which is distinct for everyone) means listening to various artists and their particular twist on the style. Marius takes an edge here. After a brief listen, I have to commend on individual themes and shades on each of his song; for instance “Phoenix”, a synergy with fellow colleague Sabura, drives on a darker and driving ambience. On the other hand, his progressive spin on Gambitt’s “Into Your Head” builds up gracefully with fast-paced and arpeggiating synths alongside the vocal, rewarding with a serene and soulful experience as it advances up till its conclusion.

Alright, enough meandering into this rich catalogue and back to point. “We Had It All” excels in many facets, but the first and foremost is its main hook. My goodness, is it effective! The playful and instantly catchy melody does take its time to materialize yet the wait is totally worth the while. Yes, in itself, it would be bare-boned and sound anything but special, but the other components such as the nicely contrasting bassline and the mellow pads (adding a more emotional girth together) in the background screams attention that has been paid to small albeit crucial details. It performs with a minimal setup, never interrupting or overbearing on the ongoing dreamy vibe. There’s also dash of retro-ism sprinkled throughout, especially when the tension heightens at the midst of the breakdown. There is a splendid assortment of sentiments in this instrumental, all converging in the most pleasant way!

In a few words, “We Had It All” serves a gratifying listen, whether it is the first time or the one after that. It is another prime gem from the underground section of the Electronic music, and thanks to its appreciated première on Lane 8’s Winter mix-tape that came out past year, this composition will receive the support and admiration it much deserves with the rest of the EP!

You can listen to “We Had It All” here: