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Martin Garrix, Fall Out Boy, and Macklemore release 'Summer Days'

Martin Garrix enlists Fall Out Boy’s Patrick Stump and Macklemore for feel-good track ‘Summer Days’

Martin Garrix likes to keep fans on their toes, and he is doing just that with newest collaboration with Macklemore and lead singer of Fall Out Boy Patrick Stump, titled “Summer Days.” Whether it is releasing “Dreamer” featuring a gospel choir and subway singer Mike Yung, which he originally recorded behind his label’s back, or dropping a surprise EP during Ultra taking fans back to his progressive roots, the producer is the perfect example of a musician who continues his experimentation amidst a roster of commercial leaning hits.

While “Summer Days” is certainly among the producer’s commercial leaning hits, it enlists a very different set of sounds and production techniques as compared to previous top 40 releases. The track leans heavily on jumpy guitar notes that frame both groovy high pitched vocals that could have easily been displaced from a 70’s disco era track. Stump’s vocals add the energy to the introduction and the chorus, while Macklemore’s singing propels the song forward serving as a framework for the drop.

Garrix spoke on the release, saying, “‘Summer Days’ is one of those tracks that makes you want to get in the car with your friends and blast it with the windows down. I’m honored to be working with Patrick and Macklemore on this track since I think they are both great artists. They are both very different in terms of style which gave the track new dimensions. I’m super happy with the end result!”

The track is most certainly the perfect melody to accompany a warm summer day with friends, and the music video, set to star all three artists, is rumored to be released shortly.

Photo Credit: Rukes

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