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Martin Garrix feat. John Martin – Higher Ground

• Acoustic and serene breakdown
• Soaring and melodic drop segment
• Noteworthy vocal performance

Last Thursday, apart from being another mundane day in the current scenario, also happened to be the birthday of the leading figure in the scene: Martin Garrix.
Surprisingly this time, he concurrently unveiled his new single with none other than the Swedish vocalist John Martin. Adeptly switching back to his signature Progressive House style, “Higher Ground” peaks with uplifting theme and shimmering and energetic arrangements.

In this later years, we haven’t talked as much of the young prodigy, as he has shifted over to the commercial spectrum. Yet, like many other dance acts, he has kept a certain edge on the Festival front with creations such as “Hold On”. After presenting his first single for this year featuring the uprising star Clinton Kane, which we had mixed feelings for, today’s specific instrumental has sought our admiration again towards the luminary.

Before we delve into this composition, “Higher Ground” features the same set of individuals who were on the inaugural release for STMPD, John Martin and Michel Zitron. And thus to begin with the vocal performance in this, it is undoubtedly splendid. After all, the Swedish singer has voiced some of the most memorable gems! The blueprint bases on a somewhat predictable chord progression in our opinion, nonetheless very consummate. With a serene acoustic start, the hook arrives with a storming concoction of melodically rich synth riffs, a standard ensemble of supersaws and rushing bass.

Although slight disregard to being experimental, it is safe to say that “Higher Ground” has anthem-like qualities, thanks to its soaring melodies and leading vocal. Garrix keeps playing it safe, but his game is constantly a quality game.

You can listen to “Higher Ground” here:

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