Marvin Humes: Growing Up a DJ

Marvin Humes: Growing Up a DJ

DJing has been in Marvin Humes’ family his whole life. Growing up, Humes’ dad used to play parties and kept …

DJing has been in Marvin Humes’ family his whole life. Growing up, Humes’ dad used to play parties and kept sound equipment in the living room, making it a perfect opportunity for Humes to learn and practice the ropes of DJing. Before he knew it, he was getting experience at weddings and birthday parties – all through his dad.

Humes describes his sound as tribal and carnival but likes to change it up depending on the show he is playing. “If I’m doing a daytime gig going into the night-time around the sunset, then I like to do more tribal stuff. But if it’s a club I’m playing at 2am, then it’s definitely more of a tech house set. My inspiration comes from me going to Ibiza as a punter over the years and seeing the artists I’m a fan of,” says Humes.

What is Marvin up to now?

Today, you can find Humes frequenting stages in Ibiza. He hopes to have his own residency in Ibiza one day and is constantly working towards a residency in clubs like Hi, Ushuaia or Pacha.

So far, Humes has released two tracks “Girls on the Floor” and “Troy”. In addition to working on his own music, Humes hosts a live streaming event once a month called Marvin’s Room. In Marvin’s Room, Humes invites DJ’s he admires and has them do back to back sets together for an hour.

“Just having a laugh really, we don’t take it too seriously. It’s gone really well so far. I’ve got a couple more lined up for this month. One more for this month and another for September with two big names,” says Humes.

For new DJ’s, Humes recommends them to play as much whenever and wherever you can.

“Whether that’s at a mate’s house party or a university hall or any club. 95% of my gigs starting out I wasn’t paid for, I just loved to play. If you do something you love, you’re going to do it for free anyway. If you get paid for it that’s a bonus! So, for any young aspiring DJ’s, get that experience of being in a room of people and judging the crowd. Start producing your own stuff because if you look at some of the biggest DJ’s in the world such as Calvin Harris, David Guetta, Tiesto, and Martin Garrix, they’re all at the top of their game because they can produce as well as play. You can be an amazing DJ, but I think to really be at the top of your game, it’s good to produce your own records as well,” says Humes.

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