Maurice West – Rollin’

Maurice West – Rollin’

• Creative structure with attention to details • Fresh mixture of Disco, Psy Trance and Rave music • EUFORIKA’s triumphant …

• Creative structure with attention to details
• Fresh mixture of Disco, Psy Trance and Rave music
• EUFORIKA’s triumphant run continues

When it comes to the traditional areas of Big Room and festival music, one attribute remains commonplace: typical and textbook nature of tracks as of lately. While there has been genuine attempts by different names to imbue a sense of evolution in the now standardized genre(s), only a few have seen success. Dutch veteran Maurice West is undoubtedly one of those figures, as he continues striving towards sticking to the sounds that assisted his breakthrough without bounding to textbook rules. That’s not all, as the hybrid of a signature he has concocted is genuinely splendid. For today’s article, I am talking about the most recent release “Rollin’ ”, published under West’s latest and self-owned imprint EUFORIKA.

There are many significant things that can be talked about this instrumental, but I will begin on this note: it is both admirable and example-setting on how Maurice has exceled after his departure from his home ground, Rave Culture. Some readers might remember our earlier complaint (which has aged like a milk, mind you) on how the label was only revealing works from its label-boss W&W and their mentioned protégé. Only days after revelation of EUFORIKA in 2019 (which is apparently signed to Sony music), a bombastic dèbut appeared in the form of “What the F?!”: an industrial and ear-thumping record which set an electrifying mood for this nascent imprint.

If that wasn’t enough, its young owner set across determined to amalgamate the vintage style which inspired him the most: Disco. This was best displayed with “Boogie Machine”, which sampled an evergreen tune and modernized it with swanky breakdown elements and a destructive percussive round of drop segment. With his prior composition “ This Melody”, Maurice has ventured into the domain of songwriting and vocal delivery; tasks which he has showed a great potential!

“Rollin’ “ centres around a distinguished style contrary to its earlier predecessor: hulking and barraging triplet basslines of Psy Trance. I understand if one has doubts the minute I mentioned about the arrangements, on paper it would seem as yet another try at the once thriving type of EDM music popularized by the likes of Vini Vici. But here comes the twist: imagine the usual funky treatment Maurice does, intertwined within this energetic presentation. Starting in a glamorized manner, what begins as this lightweight groovy Disco sample swiftly changes to this low-end heavy drop, led by squelching hits of acid to embed just the hints of those gritty rave flavour. The blueprint is praiseworthy, even if a basic component as pre-drop fill: a tonal snare automated in pitch to give that dramatic sense of arrival. Fantastic!

Before closing this article, my concluding thoughts remain intact that EUFORIKA has opened up new creative avenues for its founder, even if not functioning as any other XYZ label does. If this level of standard is maintained, Maurice West is certainly bound to exponentially aggregate more fan-base and reputation effortlessly!

You can listen to “Rollin’” here: