Merplexit – Losing My Mind

Merplexit – Losing My Mind

• “Boing” fills for the win • Experimental as it gets • Future Bounce being actually futuristic In such an …

• “Boing” fills for the win
• Experimental as it gets
• Future Bounce being actually futuristic

In such an overfilled spectrum of Future Bounce, where the usual five or six names are the only ones dominating the scene, sometimes it’s the unheard and rising aliases capable of turning the tables with merely a simple, yet bombastic idea.

Merplexit left me bedazzled with his choice of samples, which brings “Losing My Mind” to another ballpark altogether. The only real comparison that could be drawn here would be to Curbi’s Future House, yet I highly remain skeptical that it is even rationale to categorize this release into any particular label or genre, per se.

The lullaby type lead in the breakdown seems inspired somewhat from Mike Williams, to which Merplexit integrated a superlatively dirty bassline, and a “boing” fill which doesn’t stop surprising me (best element I have heard in a while), not to sideline the sudden explosion of twists with heavy Bass House demeanour. Describing it entirely in words would be no easy job, so bear with me. Listen to the drop, and you could instantly feel the creative assertiveness that only a groovy, unhinged bassline could bring with a ton of effects to show! This deserves an even detailed explanation that would span across hundreds of words more, as the drop continues doing the unexpected.

Bizarre experiments aren’t a new thing for Merplexit to perform on such predictable genres (especially when made by other acts). I heard the first traces of this mentality on “Hypnosys” and “Alone Pt. II (Bootleg)”, although he has truly surpassed with this one. Surely a name to write down for the coming year!

So why the score of 89 to “Losing My Mind” then? It’s the fills. I love the damn “boing“, it’s so random that it tenfolds the fun-factor within the song!

You can listen to “Losing My Mind” here: