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Mija's 'Dead Flowers & Cigarettes' gets a jungle makeover and special merch release by Ryan Forever

Mija’s ‘Dead Flowers & Cigarettes’ gets a jungle makeover and special merch release from Ryan Forever

Mija has again turned to the multi-talented Ryan Forever for a joint release of the Skrillex-discovered producer’s “Dead Flowers & Cigarettes.” The rework sees release with an androgynous turtleneck in tandem, which Forever designed himself for the Made By Mija clothing line. Amidst jungle beats and fluttering samples from the original, an intruding bass lays the groundwork for the highly percussive remake.

“I’ve always said to people that I think my brain is half girl, half boy. I was a complete tomboy as a kid, until I discovered that I liked boys and quickly embraced my femininity,” Mija recently told NEST HQ. “But even then, the boys I crushed on often looked/acted very feminine. I believe that everybody carries both male and female qualities within them, and that gender is not exclusive to our physical forms.”

Aside from bumping elbows in various Dirtybird-centric circles, Mija and Forever have collaborated on a number of mode-fluctuating projects. One of the most recent of these includes Forever’s role as visual director for Mija’s music video accompanying the original take of “Dead Flowers & Cigarettes.”

Find the turtleneck and other garments from Mija’s clothing line here.

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