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Moore Kismet Drops Lead Single, “Rumor” w/ WYN, From Highly Anticipated Debut Album

After what seems like a forever of waiting, the first single from Moore Kismet’s debut album is finally here.

Moore Kismet’s music has always been deeply personal, even when they’re bangers, and it what has, in large part, made their music so popular. Anyone can create a main stage/peak hour banger and have the crowd jumping, but when their feet hit the ground and the music makes them think, as well, that’s what separates a mere producer from an artist.

This first single isn’t a peak hour banger, but it’s still a deeply introspective and personal bass song that tells a story.

“‘Rumor’ is a song that I started when I was 14, around the first time I publicly came out as an LGBTQ+ individual,” Moore Kismet shares. “I was receiving a lot of hatred and unkindness from people who I didn’t even know saying that I shouldn’t exist, that I should repent, that I was using my sexuality and gender identity for clout, and other horrible things. To make matters worse, when I tried coming out to my dad, he decided to give me a near 2 hour-long lecture about the ‘perks’ of being straight and why being gay and trans is wrong. It ruptured our relationship in an irreparable way, but that feeling I had after that call and the feeling that I had from the comments I’d received is what inspired the song.”

They continued, “When I hit up Madeleine (WYN), the lyrics and melodies that we wrote together brought a whole new meaning to the song. I’m so proud of what we’ve written together and the story that this song tells. I hope that anyone who listens to ‘Rumor’ can find the strength within them to push past the hatred, the struggles, and the hardships. It gets better. It always will.”

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