Mr. Sid & DEADLINE – Anywhere

Mr. Sid & DEADLINE – Anywhere

• Unjustified promotion into the main imprint • Commonplace structure bereft of stamina • One-sided collaboration After what I would …

Unjustified promotion into the main imprint
Commonplace structure bereft of stamina
One-sided collaboration

After what I would consider a considerable amount of time, Revealed Recordings has managed to gain my attention with their newest addition. Meet “Anywhere”, an Electro House outcome of studio synergy between Mr. Sid and DEADLINE. With both being reputable names in the industry and having distinct releases in other major imprints, this seemed a suitable chance, if not better, to talk about their latest release in the main label.

As it happens, their promotion to the main label happened as an aftermath of their first collaboration “Wild Love, which was published in the Radar community. The Future Rave inspired production was unveiled almost five months ago, and consisted of the distorted saw-synth riff over a simplistic tribal beat. Now, there are some things to be noted in the mentioned instrumentals, which I will highlight when discussing further.

Hailing from Netherlands, Mr. Sid has been best known for his supported works from esteemed brands such as Doorn Records and Protocol. The signature he utilizes the most are Techno-ish arrangements, paired with Groove/Tribal House tendencies which grants him a recognizable hallmark. “Space Disco” has to be in my top-tier list, a track I feel has the most equivalent and creative contributions from the Dutch act despite being a joint-effort. Moreover, Brazilian native DEADLINE has based his influences with the newer style of Electro, upheld popularly by the Danish act MORTEN. He has also adeptly meddled with other styles such as Synthwave and Bass House, and has officially remixed leading Dance aliases like Alok and DJ Antoine.

Delving into “Anywhere”, the extended version commences with a rather typical introductory segment consisting of the requisite percussion. Skipping forward to the breakdown, a vocal snippet from Bright Light’s sample pack (completely unnecessary and out of context) harmonizes with the teased riff from the upcoming segment, transitioning into it without complex effects. Describing the drop wouldn’t be difficult, for a very familiar sound (and blueprints in entirety) takes the lead here. It wouldn’t take much observation to declare Mr. Sid’s dominance in the schematics, minus the experiments. Contrarily enough, the prequel “Wild Love” felt more as DEADLINE’s solo project, a strange pattern which could be deal-breaking for some. Apart from that, the production has constant lingering sense of emptiness, not the one you would appreciate from minimal attributes, but in the sense of lesser dynamics. This very well could be have been placed in Revealed Radar.

Debatable choices from the A&R apart, “Anywhere” demonstrates a missed chance entirely, and could have been much more appealing if it featured equal participation from both parties involved in the project and a more interesting vocal. This is, hironically, a song for Radar, a place where there are many other gems that deserve such a promotion.

You can listen to “Anywhere” here: