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Nate Mars And DIA LUNA Preview Upcoming Album With Mesmerizing Techno Single, “Inside”

No strangers to the industry, both Nate Mars and DIA LUNA pull from a wellspring of creative and musical experiences. Nate Mars’ music has been licensed for film, music hardware products and played on BBC Radio One. DIA LUNA is a creative director at the Heathen Temple with co-director, Dani Gros. Her self-directed music video will be featured at the international San Luis Obispo Film Festival, later this month. As performers, Nate Mars and DIA LUNA have graced distinguished music events like SXSW, Miami Music Week, Electric Forest and Primavera Festival. 

Now, these two talented artists have come together, teasing their upcoming album ‘Out Of The City’ with a mesmerizing acid techno single “Inside”. It’s a beautiful blend of the underground packed with classic rave sounds and hypnotic rhythms with a captivating vocal that sits neatly on top.

“We have been longtime collaborators on a few different projects. I had always been drawn to the sound of the TB-303 but still see so much room for it to evolve outside of Acid House. When DIA LUNA and I got together for a few studio sessions, everything just clicked. We played several shows before the pandemic hit and saw how well everything works well in a live environment, when there’s real energy from a crowd. We’re putting together a new run of shows and can’t wait to get back out there.” – Nate Mars

DIA LUNA shares “this grouping of songs to me is really about taking a sharp look at the rituals of the modern age, particularly over the past years of pandemia, and asking what solutions we can find for survival in a culture that so often pushes us towards destruction. It was great to be able to focus on these kinds of themes using Nate’s unique production style to create tracks that are intense and danceable at the same time.”

Check it out for yourself below!

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