Next In Line: CLYPSO

Next In Line: CLYPSO

Next In Line is a series focusing on Australian artists on the way up. If upbeat, fun electronica is your …

Next In Line is a series focusing on Australian artists on the way up.

If upbeat, fun electronica is your thing, then CLYPSO would certainly tick the box.

The Sydney based producer/vocalist has managed to turn heads quickly with her unique take on dance music, bursting through the Aus music scene with a sheer originality, talent and damn good aesthetic that all combine to create the quirky culmination that is CLYSPO.

Her music is described as “a collage hyperactive beats, grimey basslines and afropunk infused electronica”, and as eclectic as that might sound, it is really quite apparent in what you hear. Her 2017 track ‘YOLO’ was a stand out, and saw her blend her musical prowess with a visual element, with a music high-energy, exciting video that elevated the track to new heights.

Since then, CLYPSO has been steadily building her catalogue tunes, with a string singles and more recently teaming up with Paces and Raven Felix on his latest single ‘Going Mad’.

We caught up with her ahead her Sydney show this Wednesday at to get some insight into what CLYPSO is. From musical inspiration to future plans. We recommend you take note, we predict large moves from her this year:

When did you start making music and why?

I started learning music on the electronic organ as a kid and I was always writing and sequencing on my organ and synths. It was mostly instrumentals and beats… experimenting with vocals and writing with vocals in mind is a recent discovery in my musical …. I’m gonna drop the J word… journey.

Who are your musical influences? What were/are you listening to?

There’s really way too many, but the peeps that come to my mind right now are Caribou, Thundercat, Boys Noize, Hot Chip, Bjork and the Do Hits stuff. My dad is into disco and the 80s and so that definitely in my blood as well as Carnatic music and Tamil pop songs from the extended family. So beat and bass heavy and eclectic sounds are definitely my jam. I’m currently loving Equiknoxx.

How would you define your sound?

DIY collage hyperactive beats, grimey basslines and chilli-laced vocals. Island hopping party boat.

What are you currently working on?

An island hopping party boat. Jokes! Finishing f my next few singles, which I’m so excited about.

What is your view on the Aussie dance music scene right now?

There are no rules and that’s why so many people are producing stuff that’s exciting and fresh. Also community/digital radio support for Aussie dance music is unreal.

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