Nivlac – Heart of Glass (ft. Lorin Logue)

Nivlac – Heart of Glass (ft. Lorin Logue)

• Sublime and exquisite composition • Atmospheric vocal • Stand-out Tech House tune Before I begin with the usual, there …

• Sublime and exquisite composition
• Atmospheric vocal
• Stand-out Tech House tune

Before I begin with the usual, there is an amusing backstory on why I haven’t reviewed any Bass-heavy House production, knowing that I am a “bass-head”. Just some time ago, I was stuck in a dilemma between a DnB offering from Dropgun and a belter from Sound Rush (two genres that were being requested often), and magically, a new song popped up on my Spotify which changed the entire course of this narrative. The main artist on this instrumental was unknown to me, and the initial fifteen seconds were plenty to provide a great experience, and hence I decided to articulate my thoughts about a particular style which hasn’t been my preference because of its repetitiveness.

Of course, before I write down any subjective views on this single, I want to keep an open mind as much as possible. Titled “Heart Of Glass” and crafted by Scottish DJ/Producer Nivlac, this has been published on Spinnin’ Deep (a sub-label which has been surprisingly revealing quality tunes). The immediate highlight is the funky bassline, composed by distorted sub-bass paired with a club-familiar kick (most probably an altered 909), it is a match made in heaven. Despite the minimalism, it hits harder than anticipated from the beginning.

And the vocal performance from Lorin renders the composition further groovier and energetic, having a teasing and grabby tonality meeting the requisites. Her playful attitude here fits like a glove, and adds a jazz-y touch to the functioning ensemble.

As I said previously, I want to provide my opinions in a balanced manner and will admit that this genre easily gets monotonous for me. Same cannot be said for this one, as I enjoyed to my heart’s content and was satisfied without a doubt. And the creator seems to have intentionally to desire his listeners to sway slowly to the laid-back vibe. Alternatively , there’s also a Techno remix further, which has a more underground and driving mentality to it, if one is interested to hear a different take.

All in all, this is a great surprise! Nivlac and Lorin Logue have adroitly managed to engineer a refreshing tune which made me a little more devoted towards Tech House (it’s your turn now, Big Room). If you’re exploring this niche of music, do give to “Heart of Glass” a candid try and it will surely appease your desires!

You can listen to “Heart of Glass” here: