No Beef – 11 years later…

No Beef – 11 years later…

Wow, time sure does flies! “No Beef” is a classic that accompanied me from the early days of my musical …

Wow, time sure does flies! “No Beef” is a classic that accompanied me from the early days of my musical experience, when Dirty Dutch/Electro House was trending. Luminaries such as Romero and Afrojack were rising, and that banger with Miss Palmer came at the right moment.

The Dutch act created a marvellous breakdown paired to a rising climax accompanying Miss Palmer’s unforgettable vocal, with Aoki supplementing his crazy twist on the grimy drop. I wasn’t a huge fan of that sequence, and being honest, I always felt it was lacking something. So you could understand my being hyped for the first part of the remixes that have been released today as a joint-effort between Wall and Spinnin’ (since the latter still owns the original track’s copyright).

Let’s see if these edits are beefy enough!

Goodboys Remix

Solid remix incoming from UK, where Goodboys (“Piece Of Your Heart” with MEDUZA) dropped a version that could seem a bit simpler at first glance, but it immediately catches up in the drop, adding a hypnotic set of percussions which I was hoping for! What a pity that the breakdown loses its magic here, becoming an excuse of a long buildup…

Steve Aoki’s 11 Years Later Remix

The House version has already been made by the Goodboys, so Aoki’s attempt is a downgrade with a more Tech House vibe. The problem? He’s one-half of the creators involved in the original song, so naturally expectations were high. The breakdown has more atmosphere, setting up for a rather nostalgic train-wreck, the drop… nope, it doesn’t click. Overall, it took 11 years for the American alias to come up with a mediocre edit.

LUM!X Remix

Setting bigger anticipations for LUM!X’s idea, since he’s one of the brightest discoveries of the last year, and I must admit that his courage has been rewarded! His slower, melodic Psy-Trance distances itself from the original, completely transforming into a distinct layout. Everything including the melody, becomes Trance-y with the vocals reminding that it’s actually a re-work. Despite linearity of the final drop, where I hoped for a heavier kick, the greater amount of effort is clearly present!

Riot Ten & Crankdat Remix

Let’s end this entertaining EP with a blasting belter from the renowned dubstep duo Riot Ten and Crankdat. Again, this is an entirely separate re-take than the prototype inspiring it, and even if it loses some personality in the break, it’s delightful how the artists reshaped it into a dreamy progression, right before smashing enchantment with brutal screeches, typical of the genre. The final drop is particularly interesting, where the lead becomes independent to show its personality further. Thrilling work!