Nosphere & Skrude – Gorgon

Nosphere & Skrude – Gorgon

• Mysterious atmosphere • Catchy and danceable melody • An excellent end of the year for Disciple! With the end …

• Mysterious atmosphere
• Catchy and danceable melody
• An excellent end of the year for Disciple!

With the end of the year around the corner (at the time of writing), it is as good a time as any to celebrate it with some rising talents! Disciple Round Table has shown consistently on how focused they are with up and coming names, such as Nosphere and Skrude as of latest. Featured in the “Archaic EP” from the Hungarian act Skrude, this collaboration is a crown jewel among its other counterparts in this compilation!

Starting with the atmosphere, it is intriguing with the bearing sense that unexpected occurrences will take place during the performance, mostly thanks to its uptight vocal and strong drums that create a pleasant and hype-inducing mood. Further, a notable plus point here remains that the skilled Nosphere ensured that the quality is top-notch.

Vocal-heavy drops can be a risky venture, but in this case it succeeds in exuding a mysterious tone with clear indication towards Nosphere’s trademarks. His signature lingers throughout, even as to the point that the outcome feels more from the mentioned than Skrude. Catchy melody and skull-thumping snares after, the drop is sure to trigger alarms and devastate the crowd so inflicted upon.

Even if I may have emphasized slightly more on the intensity, there are more technical aspects to be talked about especially with newer artists. The drops are memorable, morphing between styles: Nosphere made the initial one while Skrude did the second, a synergy shared creatively! The second build-up hoards attention, using the melody to make a scary albeit effective riser (and oh, look at those stunning visuals…).

I desired to conclude this year by mentioning an underrated track, and “Gorgon” is my final choice. Probably the most enjoyable Dubstep tune I have heard in months, and a perfect conclusion for Disciple Round Table, an imprint genuinely passionate with bringing up aliases unheard but ingenious in their profession. I do hope to see more of Nosphere and Skrude, as congratulations are in order for releasing a great EP!

You can listen to “Gorgon” here: