NWYR – Shenron

NWYR – Shenron

• First single of NWYR in 2021 • Follow up of “Voltage“ • Evolution in the classic Big Room sound …

• First single of NWYR in 2021
• Follow up of “Voltage
• Evolution in the classic Big Room sound

Last month, the veterans W&W released an happy hardcore remix of Dragostea Din Tei, which they’ve playing for almost two years. So many things have changed in this period; for example, the Rave Culture’s roaster has expanded, now releasing on a weekly basis: productivity is increasing. In fact, right after the aforementioned remix, the duo announced their next release, “Shenron” by their side project, NWYR.

Shenron means “God of Dragon” in Chinese history and the ID was previously known as W&W – Thailand. Due to its peculiar melody, some fans thought that “Shenron” was a featuring with KEVU; however, the rumours ended when W&W clarified that “Shenron” was a follow up of “Voltage”.

Well, I have come up an theory regarding their career and discography on these days. The duo has decided to evolve their signature after producing Big Room for 8 years, thus they started getting influenced by Happy Hardcore and Progressive House. Under NWYR, they can freely produce Bigroom in Trance flavour, keeping a classic approach to please oldschool fans. In my humble opinion, this strategy is paying off, producing a balanced mix of experiments and nostalgic sounds.

Speaking about the follow up of “Voltage”, the creation opens up with a quick build-up to what is a 45 drop, driven by a emotional Trance kick. The break consists of a sentimental reverb & piano which accompanied by vast orchestral strings, creating an aggressive build-up, followed by exciting lead synths.

Fun fact: the last drop has been replaced with a more aggressive Bigroom kick as it end, thundering, the experience. Nevertheless, Shenron shouldn’t be the end of this “dragon” saga. Yet, we might expected more & more dragon histories from them as the journey of NWYR continues

You can listen to “Shenron” here: