Planète Shares Cosmic New ‘Continuum’ EP

Planète Shares Cosmic New ‘Continuum’ EP

Blending a fine line of analog sounds with contemporary beats, Melbourne’s own Dion Tartaglione, aka Planète, is joining the heavy hitters of Good Manners Music with new EP Continuum.

The EP swells in progressively more complex percussion to assist morphing arpeggios that carry your ear through the entirety of the 30 minute track. Philosophically reflecting on the idea behind the EP, Dion had this to say on how it came about;

I’ve had the idea of creating a continuous and seamless playback style EP for quite a while. It isn’t a new idea but it was new for me to try. The EP is centralised on the theme of a thought process and it’s relationship with consciousness. The themes in the undercurrent of the tracks play out as a succession of this process pulling together internal and external patterns. The way in which the EP is themed is a direct relationship to the approach I took whilst making it.

The visuals by Tristan Jalleh is like a certain great Stanley Kubrick film, and one that needs to be experienced. It follows Tron like shapes to shortly after geometric patterns moving through other worldly organic forms colliding in a blend of previous sections.

Setting Arjunadeep on fire with previous releases such as Alone in Parallel and Faded Memory earlier this year, the release of Continuum is looking to beget further success for the Melbourne Artist now releasing with his first video to his channel.

Give the EP a good listen below from back to front and let us know how you interpret it.