Please Give Some Credit to Vocalists.

Please Give Some Credit to Vocalists.

From a retweet of the QR Network, I discovered that “Told Ya 2022”, released a few days ago by Sandro …

From a retweet of the QR Network, I discovered that “Told Ya 2022”, released a few days ago by Sandro Silva and Wiwek, didn’t credit the original vocalist Isa GT, who complained about the injustice on Twitter. I appreciated the quick response by Rave Culture, who renamed the song the day after, but this isn’t the first time that producers forget to credit vocalists. Ironically, the original “Told Ya” released on Dim Mak 11 years ago didn’t credit the poor Isa GT again, thus I perfectly understand her anger. This is disrespectful, considering that vocals are a fundamental component of most EDM tunes and I want to reflect on that in this post.

In EDM we focus 99% of the time on the producer; the rare moments where I see some effort towards the vocalist is when he/she’s already famous in the pop world, for example. That’s fine, for the dynamics of this underground world, but what really anger me is the way several vocals are used without even mentioning the singers, knowing that:
1. final listeners rarely care about the issue and
2. contracts are private and one can’t be sure if the singer agreed to not be mentioned or not

That’s a pity, and in the future, I would like to see more transparency from labels and artists. Adding a “ft. XXX” in the song’s title is not a painful task, and it can show to some colleagues that their work is valuable too.

Even our blog sometimes ignores the vocalists, for example by not tagging them in the reviews. I must admit that sometimes I can’t find their profiles in a reasonable amount of time, and in many examples, I prefer to talk about the producer’s work because it’s my main interest. However, I promise that, at least from our side, every participant in the songs will receive some recognition.