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Queen Of Lo-fi Eevee Remixes A Christmas Classic ‘Silent Night’ And Talks About Adjusting To Motherhood

Christmas time is just over a month away but presents came early this season. Often aptly titled the Queen of Lo-fi, Eevee, the prolific 27-year old producer based out of The Netherlands released a new remix just in time for the holidays.

Sharing the holiday spirit with all who listen the lo-fi maestro and genius behind records like ‘Viola,’ and ‘m i s t’ is back to give her spin to a age-old Christmas classic ‘Silent Night,’ her first release since giving birth to a beautiful baby boy. Check out what Eevee had to say about all the recent events that have taken place in her life.

How are you adjusting to motherhood?

Being mother is a big change in my life, and I am slowly adjusting to it. In the beginning I felt a little overwhelmed because I became sick for 3 weeks after I gave birth. Now I feel better I have way more energy to take care of my little one and my music/work life. I’m very curious for the things that will come and how our future will be, but I mostly live in the moment and take it day by day.

What’s coming up soon?

I recently did a remix for World of Warcraft which will be out on my Spotify on December 4th. I’m hoping to release beat tape 11 this year and im working on a new EP for 2021.

Any fun future plans for Secret Souls?

We have a new release coming out on December 11th. It’s a VIP track of ‘Runaway’ from Naski which is pretty exciting. At the end of December we have a second release from Shöckface. We are also planning to release more Lo-fi tracks on the label, we recently dropped our first Lo-fi beat by Noirebeats and we have another beat coming out in January.

How has your workflow and life changed since you had your baby boy?

It is no longer self-evident to have time for yourself or do music/work. Isaiah prefers to be with me all the time, so what I do now is I put him in a carry-on bag so I can work or make music. I feel like I appreciate the time I have to myself more now, I’m happy if I can make music for an hour straight. I’m still finding my balance in this new life and as a single mom. I just take it with the day and see where we go.

Eevee’s remix too ‘Silent Night’ is bound to make you feel all sorts of jolly. The remix stays true to herself while maintaining the original integrity of the song as she weaves her hazy percussion and floating melodies throughout the record. Silent Night (eevee Remix) is bound to take listeners out of 2020 and place them into a blissful soundscape escaping this unpredictable year. There is no better way to end off November and kickstart December by sitting back, cozying up to a warm fireplace and serenading yourself to Silent Night – eevee remix.

Listen to ‘Rotary Connection – Silent Night (eevee Remix) below or grab it here. 

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