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Rassan – ‘Keep It Coming’ – Code Selections Records

Rassan, the Brazil-born DJ/producer and co-founder of the independent record label and party brand Nice & Deadly, is back in the trenches with the release of his latest single for Code Selections Records, ‘Keep It Coming’. Included in the brand’s new ‘Metaphysical Existence VA, Vol.1’, Rassan’s latest cut joins an eye-catching pack that celebrates the evolution of broken beats.

As a devoted lover of the bass & soundsystem culture, Rassan’s body of work sees him traversing with utmost ease through a myriad of genres, as he repurposes them to deliver a new twist to the kaleidoscope every time, and ‘Keep It Coming’ further cements the producer’s burgeoning reputation.

Restless and wondrous from the offset, Rassan’s ‘Keep It Coming’ delightfully strolls over iridescent, warm pads and sophisticated broken beats before a dense low-end kicks in, taking us along for a true joyride. Now deep in the trip, washed-out vocals suggestively tell us to “keep coming” as narcotic synthetics run effervescently, tantalizing our aural perception. Meanwhile, dub-laced stabs and psychedelic sax flourishes anchor this kaleidoscopic piece that stands as proof of breaks’ timeless appeal. Complex, yet utterly scrumptious and easily digestible, Rassan’s ‘Keep It Coming’ exemplifies the Brazilian producer’s broad creative palette, while also showcasing his understanding of what makes a dancefloor tick.

Rassan’s new single ‘Keep It Coming’ is out now as a part of Code Selections Records’ ‘Metaphysical Existence VA, Vol.1’. Purchase your copy here.

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