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Rave Republic x New Sound Nation ft. Sønsh – Daddy DJ

Rave Republic x New Sound Nation ft. Sønsh – Daddy DJ

70%Overall Score

• Usual Melodic Big Room structure
• Catchy buildup, solid vocal performance
• Lacks that “unique” factor to be unforgettable

You may be familiar with “Daddy DJ” under several instances, such as “DotA” (or “All I Ever Wanted” in English version) from Basshunter, or the funny edit by Crazy Frog with way more views on YouTube than expected, the first edit by S3RL “Pretty Rave Girl” or even the latest mundane Deep House track from Gabry Ponte and LUM!X. Instead of, you know, a bouncy remix like everyone was thinking about.

Anyway, we have a newer take from Rave Republic and New Sound Nation, out some days ago on Rave Culture. Honestly, I found it a bit clichè, but entertaining enough for a quick review here at EDM Reviewer. There is a great vocal from Sønsh, which breathed new life into the breakdown, and then the familiar melody over a Big Room drop. Conventional idea, greatly energetic, and if I didn’t read the title I could have mistaken it for one of Blasterjaxx’s weekly releases.

And that’s the problem with “Daddy DJ”. The melody has been reused many times, and not only for popular chart hits. The drop is also a standard Melodic Big Room type. I was expecting a bit more from Rave Republic, who aren’t strangers to experimenting with creative outcomes, and New Sound Nation, who bring a lot of experience and have done interesting Bass house ideas. It’s fun, but my experience ended with a bittersweet feeling.

“Daddy DJ” is a worth-mentioning release indeed, especially with the finale where the buildup-drop transition was excellent, almost giving me the chills. However, it’s also not something I will remember a year from now. And that’s a pity, because with these very notes, many producers made memorable records. I wish all the best to the artists involved here, as it’s not difficult to handle “Daddy DJ” with care and I am curious about new music from them, hopefully, which will contain experimental aspects.

You can listen to “Daddy DJ” here:

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